How Could I Have Forgotten?

Somehow yesterday turned into today! I had planned to retire early tonight, but, it just didn’t happen.

As I was writing the last entry,  my brain felt like mush, trying to remember little things and all.  I talked about Mom, Mark, and the kids playing Apples to Apples.  Well, I forgot one player!

As Michelle sat playing the game, she picked up little Fritz and began using the most comical voices to speak for Fritz! It was so cute and in all honesty, I rather think the little fellow was eating it up and enjoying the game!

Here is a photo of the gang playing the game.  Mark is on the end looking like a displaced biker with the dew rag, but he was actually using the covering to deter bugs.

What an amazing and fun afternoon this was!

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  1. Glad you had a fun afternoon! I think that the humidity has really brought out the mosquitos! They have been just AWFUL here!!!

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