How Could I Have Forgotten?

Somehow yesterday turned into today! I had planned to retire early tonight, but, it just didn’t happen.

As I was writing the last entry,  my brain felt like mush, trying to remember little things and all.  I talked about Mom, Mark, and the kids playing Apples to Apples.  Well, I forgot one player!

As Michelle sat playing the game, she picked up little Fritz and began using the most comical voices to speak for Fritz! It was so cute and in all honesty, I rather think the little fellow was eating it up and enjoying the game!

Here is a photo of the gang playing the game.  Mark is on the end looking like a displaced biker with the dew rag, but he was actually using the covering to deter bugs.

What an amazing and fun afternoon this was!

One Busy Whirlwind Weekend!

We left our house last Friday, midday.  We made plans to visit with my parents  at the rod and gun club they belong to after we unhitched our camper at Allegany State Park.  We scurried and hurried and were able to meet my parents for a tasty fish fry.

After we finished eating, we went shopping for a bit and then went to my parents’ home.  It is always a treat to visit their house because there are always beautiful flowers everywhere!  I love looking at all the blooms.  I used the cell’s camera to capture some of the beautiful flowers….

I love this photo of the Mock Orange flower.  The flowers are so white and beautifully formed!

Of course, little Fritz found Michelle most accommodating when he wanted to snuggle up with her!

My mom disappeared for a little while and returned with a gorgeous wood carving Randy made. It was so petty!

We went back to our campsite and fell into bed with plans to leave again early in the morning.  Mark had plans to go shopping in Erie, PA.  We stopped long enough to pick Randy up and we were off and on our way! Our Saturday shopping excursion turned into a sauna!  The heat and humidity were so high that day, we took turns waiting in the truck with Angus and Murphy.  They were entertained by styrofoam cups from McDonald’s, and were, in turn, very entertaining!

Angus perforated one cup, trying to get to the bottom of things for a drink of water!

Eww….look at all the hair on the side of the cup!  Yuck! Murphy took his water more gracefully,  making me tilt the cup so he could drink.

We managed to stay hydrated and fit.  After our shopping spree, we called home and Mom said to come on home and she would make dinner!  We had steaks on the grill along with a stir fry and salad.  We ate outside and the food was delicious!

We left to go back to the campsite when we asked if Randy wanted to come along.  Ben has a big tent which easily houses a few campers so Randy came along.  Ben had brought some electronics and he and Randy played games until late! 

Sunday was Father’s Day here in the US, so we planned to grill a meal at the camp.  Mark made some chicken that was tasty and delicious.  My parents visited with us and we thoroughly enjoyed our surroundings!  There were very few campers near us, giving us the feeling of owning the whole woods!  Our lot was very deep with a beautiful little creek behind it.

Take note of that sweet little stream for later….

Mom, Mark, and the kids all played a game of Apples to Apples and laughed and giggled, having a good time.  When it was time to go back home,  my parents were a bit reluctant….it was such a pleasant day!  Randy stayed on and on Monday, we took another little excursion.  I will post about that later.

After Mom and Dad left the campground,  we built a nice little fire and I sat outside by myself, enjoying the quiet.  I think everyone loves just sitting around a campfire and this one felt so warm and cozy, I didn’t want to leave!  I sat, watching the flames moving about and daydreamed about the woods.

I turned around, looking at the camper with its lights on inside. Even it seemed to emit a cozy glow.

Ah, life was good.  It was as I was turning back to the fire that I noticed something moving across the property.  Oh my!  A fat little raccoon was making its way along….I called out to it to “scram!”  and wondered what I might do if the little nocturnal marauder might make its way towards me!

I slowly got up from my chair,  easing my way back to the camper.  Mark asked who I was talking to and when I told him there was a coon outside, he thought I had really lost it.  You were talking to the coon instead of scrambling inside?

Well, thought I, raccoons are known for washing their food before eating!  Perhaps it was *I* who was the intruder, after all. That little coon is a permanent resident, while I was there only temporarily….invading his space and his creek!  It matters not…all ended well!