A Glimpse of Our Majestic Neighbors

We left on Friday to go camping at Allegany State Park.  We have been to this particular park a few times with our camper, but  this time, we stayed at another camping area.  It was interesting and really fun because we got to see a lot more of the park…and how BIG it is! What an awesome treasure this park is.

One of the most amazing sights along the roads is that of Osprey nests perched on top of utility poles….so very close to the road! I have been so fascinated by Eagles, but the Osprey is an incredible bird that is also very impressive to observe.

I took many photos of the birds, and a couple different nests.  If you click on these photos to see them a bit better, they are kind of fun to see….

In this photo, the chick is seen to the left side of the nest.

The adult Osprey was sitting not too far from the nest.  As I was standing perhaps a bit too close, the adult called out to me.  Seriously,  I would never want to fight against those enormous talons on birds of prey, the Osprey included.  Here is a photo I was thrilled to have captured

It is  strange to be able to get close enough with the telephoto lens to capture some fairly good facial expressions on these birds.  You might have noticed that the landing adult did not have any food gripped in its talons….only a branch! The nest of this family looks very much on the sparse side!  Looks like the family jumped the gun,  laying eggs and hatching them before the nest was built!

This last photo is of a nest that is very close to where we camped.

I didn’t get many photos on this trip, but I will post some again.

Right now,  I think we are all very tired!!