Ah, Relax and Enjoy….

Yesterday afternoon, we (fortunately, for me!) needed a few items from the store.  Life was getting a little overwhelming for me, so it was a good escape.  I went to Naples and got the things we needed and on my way home, I stopped in Woodville.  The water, nature, and surroundings just seem like a healing balm for me.

I sat a good while, thinking there was nothing to see.  Ah well, I just enjoyed seeing the water glistening with the sun’s rays hitting it!  We have been rather missing the sunshine lately!  Clouds, gray skies,  showers, and downpours seem much more prevalent in the forecasts, as well as reality! The flowers and weeds growing lakeside were so pretty. The abundant rainfall has not only raised the lake level,  but has provided lust, thick greenery.  Every now and then, a gust of wind would blow and the bowing reeds would look so lovely.

Suddenly, something caught my eye….I watched as several tiny ducklings scooted over the top of the water!  Their mother, looking as though she was moving in slow motion,  pulled into the shore behind them.  This set of photos might be best enjoyed by clicking on them to see the tiny baby ducklings. Also, the colors and reflections in these photos are so nice.

Okay, the next photo is disgusting, I admit it!  But, this is why people so dislike the Canada Geese!  I realllllly had to be careful where I was walking!

Mrs. Mallard enjoyed preening herself as her children played in the shallow water.  Then, as quickly as they came ashore,  the duck family was heading back off to deeper water again…