Ceili Mor!

Okay, so if you aren’t familiar with the Gaelic language, you are wondering….is this someone’s name?  What does it mean?  Well,  this past Saturday afternoon, we attended a fun dance party, or Ceili Mor! (pronounced kay-lee more)

Carly’s daughter, Sarah,  has been doing Irish dance for seven years now! (she will be fifteen this September)  Carly said that every year, she thinks she might like to take up a different interest, but when signup time comes round, she is all set to do Irish Dance once again!  She is very good at the dance and it is obvious she enjoys it….we often see her doing little dance steps randomly!

It was interesting to watch the dancers.  As I went through my photos (there were over 100 taken),  I noticed a couple of things.  I hate to admit it, but I did miss some of the dance because when Sarah was out on the stage, the camera was up to my face! 

The first observation I noted was that when I looked at the photos in their full size, before shrinking them,  in looking at the faces of the dancers…that is, their upper bodies,  one would never come to the conclusion that they were dancing!  Most of the dance is vigorous and the dancers appear very sober…or, maybe “somber”!

The second observation was that this dance attracts a wide range of dancers, varying not only in age, but also size!  It was incredible watching everyone dancing at the very end of the “recital”.  There were little people as well as women who were probably in their forties!

I loved Sarah’s beautiful wine-colored dress, with the sprinkling of glitter and gold trim.  I felt it was by far the prettiest of the dresses the girls wore.  So, without further ado, I will show some photos.  Oh, and one more comment!  I have never photographed this type of event before.  It was a real challenge!  The lighting in the room was very dark, with the stage lit up.  Since Sarah’s class was the first presentation, I had no opportunity to figure out lighting, speed, or any other settings.  I was just happy to get some relatively “okay” photos!

After the presentations by all the dance classes, the instructor asked her students to grab some family members so they could participate in some dance.  Sarah grabbed her brother, Kyle, sister Erin, and Ben and Michelle. The dance that ensured was quite humorous as it looked as though there were now hundreds of dancers on the floor!  They did rather well considering it was their first class, however!

This gave me an opportunity to capture Sarah unaware…

After all the fun, Sarah was presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers by her Grandfather Edmunds, along with a kiss on the top of her head!

She and a classmate posed with their flowers….

What a treat it was to see Sarah dance. 

Afterwards, we went to the home of Carly’s in-laws, Cy and Madeline Edmunds.  Carly and Jeff and their kids were there and it was such a pleasant visit for everyone!  Madeline provided the most awesome spread of food and after we ate, we sat and talked for hours!  The kids had a great time together as well and we left far later than we had anticipated!

We arrived home after eleven and spent yesterday just lounging around basking in all the good fun we had enjoyed the day before!