Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?

Of course! It is the beautiful male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, reminding me that the window feeder needs more seeds! Yes, this little fellow is very demanding and he knows how to grab my attention.  More than once, I have heard him tapping on the window, only to discover that the feeder is empty! Smart little fellow, he is!

Please excuse the messy windows….birds have a tendency to wipe their beaks on the windows!  Don’t you just love the bright red “bib” this grosbeak sports?  It is so colorful.

And, sspeaking of colorful!  I bought some plants down at the market in Naples.  They are called Gazania and I don’t remember seeing these flowers before.  They are so colorful and cheery. The only downside is that they refuse to open in dreary overcast conditions! We had some sun today, so I scurried out with the camera to catch them open.