Murphy’s Paw (as opposed to) Murphy’s Law

I mentioned here a week ago last Saturday, as we were getting ready to go out for the day,  that Murphy somehow cracked a toenail on his right rear paw.  I had spent about half an hour applying ice and cold water to get the nail to stop bleeding.  We met up with Carly who happened to have a first aid kit in her Jeep….I then used a narrow strip of waterproof  bandage tape to tape the nail together.

Two nights ago, I realized I had not removed the tape from Murphy’s toenail, so I tried to unravel as much as I could.  I got about one and a half inches removed, then Murphy began to get nervous and I decided to leave it alone. 

Yesterday, while sitting in the truck,  Michelle thought she would try to remove the rest of the tape from Murphy’s nail.  She turned him upside down on her lap and hummed to him, seemingly making the wee fellow relax a bit.  She gently worked and was able to slowly remove the rest of the tape.  She did have to snip at some hair as it had been wrapped in the bandage as well. 

As Michelle removed the last little bit of the tape, she disgustingly proclaimed that the thing smelled terrible!  At first, I felt pangs of guilt streaming over me, but then I realized it was *only* his toenail.  I had been extremely careful NOT to tape any flesh on the toe.  Examining the nail, Michelle was concerned as the breakage was so far back….about midway between his toe and the end of the nail. This caused Mark to call the vet once again.

In the meantime,  Michelle and I went into WalMart.  We bought two different types of bandage tape, along with hydrogen peroxide to wash the nail.  We had formulated a plan to keep the nail taped, but to change it often. As soon as we got home,  I was going to have Michelle hold the nail,and I would trim it back as far as I could, hoping the shorter it was, the less likely it would be to catch on things and tear off.

We got home and I took Murphy down the yard to do his business.  Michelle was worried about the nail ripping loose, but for some reason, I was not as concerned.  Murphy bounced along, just like normal, without a care in the world!

Finally, it was time for the moment of truth, and I nervously hoisted Murphy up onto my lap for a closer look.  As I looked at the toe with the cracked nail, I was puzzled….I grabbed the nail and tried to wiggle it, but something had happened!  The cracked upper part of the toenail was…..gone!   YES!  Happily, I was able to use the Pedipaws (a small “grinder” that is used to “file” pets’ nails) to smooth out the sharp edge left behind.  Murphy didn’t fight or get anxious. Hurrah!!!

For once,  Murphy’s Law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong) did NOT apply to our wee Murphy!