A Good Mother Always Knows Where Her Children Are

Well, wouldn’t you know it….the tooth that has been giving me trouble seems to be acting up yet again.  It seems my gums are swelling above the tooth again and when I went to scratch my itchy nose today,  I grazed my mouth and felt pain.  I called the dentist and the girl on the phone advised me to begintaking (yet) another round of antibiotics.  I was reluctant to even call the dentist,  but Mark really thought it was a good idea.

Mark called in the prescription to the local pharmacy and I headed out the door to pick it up.  I so dislike taking medications and here I am on round four of antibiotics.

On the way back home,  I stopped in Woodville. I was hoping to see some baby geese or ducks; I felt the need to see something that would make me smile.  Well, the sad fact was, there was nothing to be found.  That was okay, though, as I decided it was nice just standing lakeside and looking around a little.  I walked around with the camera just breathing in the fresh air.

The surroundings  resonated peacefulness and quiet and I was more than happy to bathe myself in that little luxury for as long as I could.  The warmth of the sun was all the more inviting, considering the stiff cool breeze sweeping unchallenged,  down the lake. The charm of simple fkowers offering their tiny faces as photographic opportunities made me smile…

Ah, the wonderment of it all. I could have lingered here with the water, the breeze, the sunshine, and the sheer beauty for hours.  Duty called from home, but I chose to ignore it.  After all, dirty dishes and floors requiring the vacuum cleaner  can wait.  Nature cannot.  Often will not!

I panned the area one more time.  Wait a minute! What is that?

I sighted a bird sitting on a log in the water.  Why, just yesterday I posted a photo on my blog of a duck resting on that same log.  This bird, today, seemed to have a glowing orange-colored breast.  I am so short, I was barely able to see the bird….the cattails are as tall or taller than I and the wind was blowing them so abruptly, I was unable to see the bird very well.

Since my Explorer was parked parallel to the lake,  I decided to hop up on the running board to get a better look at the bird.  I zoomed the little Panasonic for all it was worth and in the end,  I got a bit of a surprise!

Yes! Not only was Mama Duck resting on that log, but to her left was her brood! I never even saw the babies until I uploaded the photos and began looking them over!

I imagine those little ducklings were there with their mama in yesterday’s photo….I just missed seeing them.  But any good mama always knows where her children are, after all!