Whilst Mowing the Lawn Today…

I had some “blasts from the past”!

Have you ever noted the thoughts and such that pass through your mind as you push the mower?  My mind sometimes wanders in a million directions….from making mental notes on things I need to do, to thinking about photos I should take for the day…well, it’s all in a day’s work and a yard’s cutting!

As I began to mow the upper lawn where the swingset is located,  I noticed some tiny red wild strawberries peeking out from the weeds.  I stopped the mower and ran inside the house to grab a little bowl to place the ruby treasures in. I picked the berries for a few minutes only, as I am quite certain mosquitoes live in those weeds!  I suppose if I were more diligent, the booty would have incresed, but I was happy with my pickin’s.

Can you say sweet? Now if I could just find enough of these to make a batch of jam….which reminded me of a summer long, long ago. 

My friend Lori and I used to walk twelve miles “around the block” about three times a week.  One summery afternoon, we came upon a patch of the same tiny wild strawberries growing alongside the road.  We spent hours gleaning as many berries as we could!  I chuckled to myself,  wondering if Lori remembered that afternoon, too.  Funny thing is, I got on Facebook this afternoon and she was there.  She seldom posts, so I wrote to her and asked if she remembered our strawberry spree and she said yes, she did!  I love good old memories! All the more memorable when shared!

I washed the strawberries, then placed them in the refrigerator.  I really needed to get back to the job at hand, mowing the (very tall!) lawn.  I had to mow so slowly in order to do a good job.  The (mostly weeds!) lawn had grown so thick and long with all the rain we have gotten this spring.

Once again, I began to mow.  I was getting into the “swing” of things when I spotted something orange moving along on the ground.  Oh my goodness….could it be?

Yes! It was a minuscule Red Eft.  Now thinking about these tiny newts takes me back a long way to when I was a litte girl.   My one favorite spot to be in the summer was at my Great Aunt Vera’s cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania.  That camp was a place that holds many, many memories of walks though the woods with my tiny great aunt.  My older brother and I used to turn rocks over, looking for these brightly colored newts.  We would capture them, then try to persuade our parents to allow us to transport them home.  Between the newts and lightning bugs, we kids had a lot of “work” to do at the camp!

Well, fortunatley, I didn’t run into any other “memorabilia” as I mowed. Oh, and yes, I did indeed run right inside the house, climbed the stairs, and grabbed the Nikon for the photo of the newt!