Sunday Saturation!

Late yesterday afternoon, (around 3pm) we decided to take a ride to Darien Lake so the kids could try out the new waterpark that opened last weekend.  We arrived at the park at 5 o’clock.  The kids went in to the park and Mark and I sat in the truck with the Scottie boys.  The waterpark closes at 7 pm, so we met the kids and they changed their clothes,  then went into the amusement park.

Mark and I had initially planned to walk and roll around the park, but I was so tired that I just enjoyed sitting still!  At about 9:30, the kids came to the truck and Mark went with them to the area where the laser light show is held each night.  I chose to stay in the truck as I just don’t want any more bouts with mosquitoes!  I have had my fill!

The show began and even though the parking lot is located on the opposite side of the park,  I could hear strains of music from the show.   As the first fireworks went off, I nearly jumped out of my skin, not realizing what it was. After that, I was fine, but Angus was *not*!  The poor little fellow didn’t understand and he grew rather frightened.  I should have thought to turn the radio on to drown the noise, but poor little Angus did his best to tunnel below the seats, trying to hide from the loud explosions. Murphy, on the other hand, was snuggled up against me, sound asleep and oblivious to the whole event.

The colorful lights on the right side of these photos are on a large tower where crazed people actually pay money to be dropped down on huge bungee cords to bounce up and down…I was disappointed by my photos of the fireworks, but I was using the small p&s Panasonic.  With a near-hysterical terrier in the seat with me,  I found myself a bit debilitated!

When the show ended, Mark and the kids reappeared  and we were off toward home.  As we drove home, there was no threat of rain, but when we returned home at about 1 am,  the heavens let loose! The rain came down so heavily! I finally fell asleep to the sound of rain pelting the roof of the house.

This morning,  the skies were overcast and dreary, but there was no rain.  Finally, at about 10 am,  Mark and I headed up to the park so I could walk.  As we drove up the road, the rain began to fall.  It varied in amounts and velocity as we drove,  but when we reached the park, there was only a mist.  We were surprised, however, by a parking lot full of vehicles.  Mark finally found a spot to park and encouraged me to go ahead….he was staying in the truck as it would be difficult for him to roll through puddles and the rims of the wheelchair become slippery when wet.

I hopped out of the truck and began to walk.  As I worked my way around the track, I saw a small sign for a soccer tournament.  The field was divided into two separate playing areas and there were many, many players out on the field.  I continued my walk, feeling sorry for the participants, as there were very few spectators.  As I completed about 3/4 of the first lap, the mist suddenly became rain…and quite heavy at that!  Not only was the rain making its entrance, but I was confronted with winds that nearly blew the headset I was using on my I-pod off my head!

I rushed back to the truck, where I sat and waited until the rain slowed back up to a heavy mist once again.  I was determined,  figuring if those soccer players were that dedicated, so I could be in getting in two miles! (which I did!)

Later this afternoon,  I drove down to Naples to pick up a few groceries for dinner.  As I drove through Woodville,  I just had to stop to see what is new at the lake.  Oh my! The goose families I had previously seen were no where to be seen. Their babies have grown so much, large “teens” with the soft yellow fluff now replaced with gray coloring.  I did see a new goose family and a couple of Mallard hens with their ducklings in tow.

I just love the wild irises growing along the lake.  They are so lush and thick this year.

I have no idea how old these tiny ducklings are, but they are about 1/3 the size of the goslings! They were so little, they looked like little polka-dots in the water! What was funny, though, was as I observed them,  I saw them scoot about in the water as though they were jet-propelled!  They would take a peck at one another, then shoot rapidly across the water! They were just so adorable.

There were two hens with their broods following closely behind.  Another interesting observation was that while the geese did lead their brood into the water, they stayed close to the shore,  as though waiting for any danger or threat to leave.  The ducks immediately hopped into the water and swam away from the shore.  It is also noteworthy that the goose males assist with the rearing of their offspring while the Mallard drakes are nowhere to be found.

Now, since I had the telephoto lens mounted on the Nikon, I decided to take a shot ( yes, haha!) at capturing a Mallard hen who was sleeping or maybe resting atop a log floating on the surface of the water.

I was pleased with that last photo as the duck was out quite far and the photo has a still life feel to it! If you enlarge these photos, you can see “the mist” was still continuing at this point!  The good..or bad…news is, just before the sun submerged over the hills,  bright blue skies once again showed up! Yes, the weatherman has said the chilly damp weather of today is now behind us!