Photos and Stories from this Week

It is just after 8am and I have been sitting here on the front porch for over two hours, looking at photos from both the Nikon and little Panny cameras. So often I find I have nothing to write about on my blog, and yet, in looking back at my photos, I see little stories here and there!

Several days ago, Michelle invited her friend, Jacob, over.  I told her to ask if he might be interested in going out on the lake in one of our inflatable kayaks.  He brought along his swim trunks and we went out for a nice little evening “cruise”.  I was disappointed that the eagle was not in “it’s” tree, but Jacob seemed to enjoy the experience anyway….

As always, I am enjoying the bird activity at my window feeder!  I remember talking to the town clerk one day and she said she doesn’t feed the birds as they have plenty of seeds on bushes and such.  I was so surprised, as I feed the birds year round.  I enjoy watching them so much.  Even Mark and the kids have called out from time to time. I captured a photo of a female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

You might remember seeing photos of the males here. They are mostly black with some white on their chest, along with a scarlet “bib” around the neck. The females are just brown speckles and stripes…not nearly as attractive as their mates.  These birds are pretty large compared to the tiny finches, chickadees, and titmice that also frequent the feeder.

And speaking of feeders!!!! I have two hummingbird feeders.  One above the window at the back of the house where I can watch as I wash dishes. The other is on the front porch. As I have been sitting here on the swing these past two hours, I have witnessed the hummers feeding at my huge pink and white Fuchsia.  I have also witnessed a hummer “war” as two males gave chase….they flew so close to my face, I could have easily swatted them…were I fast enough!  I took a photo yesterday with the Panny camera and was surprised it turned out at all. It was taken through both a screen and the window! I kind of like the look of the screen in the photo….

And speaking of Fuchsias! I have a huge pink and white one hanging on the porch.  I bought it early this year, as I usually wait until all that are left are the scrawny no-one-else-will-buy-them pots.  However, as Mark and I were looking around at The Home Depot the other day,  I saw a pink and purple hanging basket and decided I would buy it. It is scrawny, but it will fill in. Anyway, the flowers are so vibrant and colorful!

The pink color on the fuchsia reminds me of the Peonies I have planted in the front yard.  I have been talking about transplanting them to the west side of the house for years, btu have not done so, as we have talked about resurfacing our wooden basement. (yeah, we do a lot of “talking” around here!) Ah well, the Peonies are so pretty and nice this year.  My paternal grandmother passed away 37 years ago, but her Peonies live on far, far away from her Pennsylvania gardens, here in the Bristolwood.

The other day, we went up to Rochester for pool parts and to run some other errands.  Our leaky pump motor was repaired.  Mark and Michelle took everything apart and noted the three parts that needed to be replaced.  When we got to the store, they had the parts sealed in a ziplock bag. Mark is always big on taking in the old parts just to be sure the new ones are the same. 

Thankfully, the pool store had all the parts required and they were exactly the same as the ones on our pump.  Mark asked the parts guy questions and then the guy put the whole assembly together! Hurrah! Mark couldn’t believe it!  It was a blessing, as there are some parts that are so critical, they cannot be touched.  There is a ceramic gasket, that if bits of dust or dirt get on it, it will fail.  Even though Mark could have done this job, the guy had the pump reassembled in about five minutes!  And it is working wonderfully well!

As we were returning home, we stopped in a parking lot in Vistor, next to a set of railroad tracks.  I spotted this little manual switch, loving the bright colors on the flags!

There is one more thing I *must* mention!  While running about in Rochester, we stopped at a Sam’s Club. Since it was warm outside, I stayed in the truck with the Scotties while Mark, Ben, and Michelle went into the store.  Mark and Ben came out later and told me where to meet Michelle. Mark left her with the cart so I could look around some before paying.

Michelle met me near the bakery.

“Dad said we are supposed to buy something sweet that you like.  Shall we buy some chocolate chip cookies?”

“Michelle, you know I am not fond of chocolate.”

“Yeah, I know.”

We searched through the delectable goodies and my eyes fell upon something that really caught my attention! Michelle looked at the package of Lemon Bites and suggested we “look some more”.

Well, we could not seem to come to an agreement on what to buy, so I told Michelle we should just skip the sweets. We don’t really need them, after all! We left the area, and as I placed the items on the belt,  I was surprised to see Michelle had picked up a package of the Lemon Bites.

As soon as we got into the truck, I opened the yellow goodies and took a bite. Oh MY! I nearly swooned as the sweet, lemony flavor dispersed throughout my taste buds! The kids each took one and the “ooooh’s” were soon filling the truck.  Even Mark had a bite of Ben’s tiny cake and he was impressed!

So, if you have a Sam’s Club membership, pick these goodies up! You shan’t be disappointed!