Nearly Unbearable!

I know that a good many of my friends actually can tolerate and (gasp!) enjoy high amounts of humidity.  I hear them say that they feel more vibrant and alive when the weather heats up and gets juicy.  Well, somehow the Good Lord cut me from another cloth.  Michelle and I began our day by walking three miles, and at the end, I was as red as a tomato and feeling limp as a dishcloth….that had been wrung out, mind you!

I seriously *tried* my best to endure,  but as the day progressed, so did my irritability.  I’m sorry to say, but I complained and snapped at my family.  I took it easy, trying to just relax and at least live with the weather that felt as though it was consuming my very being.  I even took some photos!

Along about mid-afternoon,  I thought perhaps a ride on the ATV might make me feel a bit better.  I told Mark and he said he would go with me for a ride.  Our neighbors have given us permission to ride on their property, so with access to about 75 acres,  that gives us some good riding.  But alas, even the ATV was less than refreshing.  Mark said we needed to wear hats as the Gypsy Moths are all over the woods.  Well, as soon as the hat went on my head, I am sure my core temperature rose a few degrees.  Since I don’t sweat, I grew even redder! Ah well, the short ride up the cobbles in our front yard was fun!

When I got ff the Honda,  I decided I needed some refreshment.  Since my choice now is lemonade, I grabbed a lemon. The kids have a friend who refers to my lemonade as “lemon water”, but even though lemons grow on trees, they are not cheap!  The good news is that as the year goes on, the lemons keep getting bigger and bigger!

Ah, the result was refreshing!

Wish you were here to enjoy it with me! Of course, you are always welcome to come for a visit! I will even promise not to be grouchy,  no matter what the weather!

We opened the pool, and par for the course, we discovered not only a leak in one of the hoses (YAY! we had a spare!) but also in the pump.  The pump will require dissembling it and replacing some parts. Mark and Michelleto the rescue! Every year, there is always some minor “tinkering”!

The weather changed, drastically, last night, and now it is once again “my” weather.  For the time being, anyway! Much cooler and with scattered rain.