Time to Clean Up the SD Card!

I will be the first to admit it.  I am *horrible* at uploading my photos off the cameras. There are two good reasons, though.

The first reason is that the computer that stores the photographs is located in our office.  The problem there is that Mark is often working at the desk when I have the opportunity to work on uploading the photos.  It is pretty hard to find space to work around Mark while he is at the desk, so I kind of give up and forget about the whole process.  Of course,  the only time I ever think about the SD card is while Mark is sitting at the desk.

The second reason why my camera has nearly 1,000 images on the SD card at any given time is because I am lazy.  There, I said it!  Mark has suggested I sit down and find a good photo storage system,  but that requires work.  And, then there is the process of going through all the photos and classifying them.  Oh dear….do you think I could be allergic to such labor?

Okay, so you get the idea….I am just plain out procrastinating!  But, lucky you, Dear Reader!  I have been looking through my card and thought I would put out a little spread for you!

Spread?  Oh YES!  Mmmmm…..blame Carly, but she has gotten me on a Spring Roll kick that I cannot seem to kick!  Carly makes her Spring Rolls meatless, but I discovered that by adding some meat, these things are a whole meal! Here is a good idea of what components I use…..

Excuse the soiled tablecloth.  No matter how hard I try, that tablecloth is perpetually dirty.  I had just put it on the table after removing it from the dryer.  It was clean when I placed it on the table,  but within minutes….may be even seconds, it was soiled!

So….in the wrapper, we have Spring Roll wraps. Cheap, cheap, cheap these wraps are! AND, they require NO cooking. Yay!

In the large pasta bowl (Yes, that is a pasta bowl. I have no oriental dishes!) is Savoy Cabbage,  Snow Peas and Carrots, thinly sliced chicken that I stir-fry in a little Teryaki Sauce and garlic, and lastly, rice noodles which also require no cooking!  I very lightly steam the veggies, placing them in a colander inside a dutch oven.  I steam them about 2 minutes just so they retain their “crunch”, but don’t have such a “raw” flavor.

The tiny cup contains Duck Sauce.  Carly served Plum Sauce with her Spring Rolls,  but I really like Duck Sauce even better.  I use very little, but I like the sweet flavor.  Lastly, there are green onions which I do not steam. 

Spring Roll wrappers come in a package of 36.  A serving is 6 of the wrappers for 200 calories.  Amazing.  They look like plastic discs when removed from their package and the most amazing thing is that after dipping them into a bowl of warm water for about 15 seconds, they become very flexible!

I place the softened wrapper on my plate and load it with all the goodies!

Then it’s time to roll!

The wrappers become somewhat sticky….to themselves, making it a breeze to gently roll them up!  Two sides are folded toward the center, then we begin to roll.

And, the finished product.

Oops. I had to reroll this particular roll becuase in my effort to photograph my food, I forgot to dd the chicken!  That’s okay….I unrolled it, added the chicken, then rolled it back up.  It was delicious!

These Spring Rolls are fabulous to serve when it is too hot to cook.  They require little work and I just place the elements all out on the table.  Everyone enjoys dipping the wrapper into the water and adding whatever goodies they desire.  It really is fun.

I always think I am soooo hungry, I could eat a dozen of these Spring Rolls.  Try as I might,  I have found I can only eat two, max. 

And, speaking of food,  Michelle attended her friend’s graduation party on Saturday afternoon.  The location was out in the country and we wound up parking next to a wheat field!

Lastly,  I was on the telephone with my dentist’s wife on Saturday when a butterfly landed on my tiny Hydrangea Bush. I wonder if she heard the shutter moving as I tried my darndest to capture the little bugger!  I didn’t mean to be rude, but we don’t often see butteflies in the woods!  I did plant some Daisies that are supposed to attract them though.

That is called a Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly.  Even though a brown butterfly isn’t the most awesome-sounding species, it was quite pretty perched on the bright green leaves of the Hydrangea!

Okay, so that does it.  A diverse post tonight.  Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I will get those photos removed from the card!  Perhaps.

For Real?

Today Mark and Ben and I went to pick up a part for the truck.  After we received the part at the Chevy garage, we decided to take a little drive through the new car lot.  We have been thinking it would be nice to maybe replace the Explorer, after all, it is getting old and it really is a bit of a gas guzzler.

As we drove through the lot, Mark commented that many of the more gas efficient cars seemed to be lacking.  As we were about to leave the parking lot, we came upon a very curious scene!



is what calls us to further examine places and people we have met along life’s many paths we have traveled.  We often feel the need to dig a bit deeper,  try a bit harder, or just study further that element that has drawn us back to take a second look.  Such was the case when we revisited Letchworth State Park this past Friday.

As far as state parks are concerned,  sizewise Letchworth isn’t all that big.  Compared to the expansive acreage of Allegany State Park,  Letchworth seems a drop in the bucket!  Like all of New York’s parks, Letchworth is somewhat “rustic”, but perhaps a bit more refined than others. It certainly is one of New York’s most beautiful parks, hands down.

As we entered the park,  Mark and the kids spotted a train beginning to cross the deep gorge.  Mark hurried to the parking lot and dropped me off so I could capture a photo of the train.  By the time I got there, however, the train had already begun crossing.  Not sure of the length of the train,  I took photos as I walked the path to the bridge and falls.

Yes, although the bridge is short across, it *is* deep!

I finally got a fairly scenic shot.

I talked with a couple watching the train as it crossed. They said the beginning of the train had three engines, so it was probably quite a long one.  I didn’t think to count cars until much of the train had passed, and I counted about 35, and that wasn’t to the end.  My guess is that it had over 100 cars.  It sure was neat seeing a train on the bridge.  To my amazement, as soon as the train was across, people began walking out over the bridge.  I think my heart nearly stopped, but the couple I had spoken to said it is okay. In fact…the wife wanted to walk across.  The husband, well, he wasn’t so sure!  Me?  My knees nearly gave out thinking about it!

I took another path that leads to another falls. This one is a bit deeper than the first, and very impressive!

Letchworth State Park was named after William Pryor Letchworth, a wealthy businessman from Buffalo. Letchworth was born into a Quaker family that emphasized a good work ethic; by his mid-thirties, he was quite well to do.  When he first saw the area the park is located at,  he knew he needed to buy some land there for a get away from the busyness of life.  Over time, Letchworth acquired more land, and in his latter years, bequeathed the land to the State of New York.

Mr. Letchworth bought the land with a structure already built and he had contractors use the house that was already there.  It is located between the two sets of falls, in a wondrous setting!


The house is now an inn and restaurant, called the Glen Iris.  A small pond with a fountain is furnished with koi in its waters.  Its simplicity speaks volumes of the simple elegance found throughout the entire park.

Okay, I rarely take photos of the kids, but I made them sit by the “big” tree.

Did I say “big”?  That tree was huge!

Just a stone’s throw from the Glen Iris Inn is the William Pryor Letchworth Museum.  We walked into the museum at precisely 4:53,  being reminded by the attendant that the building closes at 5pm.  That meant we had all of seven minutes to look around.  Needless to say, we need to go back when we have some time!  The museum has all sorts of artifacts not only from Mr. Letchworth and his family,  but from the general area.

One of the reasons I wanted to return to the park was because of a story I heard about when we first went to Letchworth.  The story involves a young woman by the name of Mary Jemison.

Mary was born on the Atlantic Ocean as her parents were heading to America from Northern Ireland.  The family arrived in Pennsylvania and spent time there.  During the French and Indian War,(when Mary was about 12)  the family was killed, save Mary.  She was taken into captivity by Seneca Indians and was eventually adopted into the tribe.  She ended up marrying a chief.  When word came that captives would be released from the Indians,  Mary fled to the area where the park is now located.

When Mary Jemison was ofered freedom from her captors, she chose not to leave.  Over time, she became known as “The White Lady of the Genessee”.  (The river running through the gorge is called the Genessee River.)  Mary passed away at the age of almost 91, in 1833.

Mr. Letchworth, being very concerned about the welfare of the Native Americans,  was fascinated by the story of the white lady.  She had left the area just a few years before her death, and was buried in a reservation located near the Buffalo region.  When members of her family grew upset that her grave was being desecrated, Mr. Letchworth had her casket and marker removed from the area and brought to a ridge above his Glen Iris estate.  It was here Mary Jemison found her final burial place. 

Mary Jemison’s original grave marker is now placed in the Letchworth Museum as Mr. Letchworth had a marble monument made to replace it.  He had the original inscription written upon the marble marker.  A few years later, an artist made a stunning bronze statue of Mary carrying  Thomas, her firstborn, (named after her father) on her back.

The statue is so very beautiful! (It was made in 1910)

It was so interesting reading about Mary Jemison’s life.  What a strange turn of events in her life….

We had to leave the park as the kids were beginning to grumble about being hungry. But there were still beautiful sights to see!

And not too far away was a lovely monument built to honor soldiers of the Civil War.

I just love the sunlight illuminating the flag in this last shot.

As we were leaving the park, Mark asked if I saw the fox?  Fox?  I said….

Not entirely sure he looks so healthy.

We left the park and everyone was fed. We stopped in Geneseo and Mark and the kids shopped at WalMart while I waited in the truck.  On the way home, we passed Conesus Lake and it had the most awesome yellow moon over it!

And, over the telephone lines a little bit later. (I was too tired to get out of the truck and we were on a highway and Mark feared someone might run over the crazed lady with the camera!)

Wow, so many beautiful things to see and not very far from home at all!

What a Week!

Wow….I cannot believe this week is coming to a close! It seems like we were just camping and having fun yesterday!

And that reminds me that I had just a few more photos to show from that adventure.

On Monday morning, we got up early and headed for Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Bradford is only a few miles from the park where we were staying and Mark and Randy wanted to visit the Zippo Lighter and Case Knife Museum.  Bradford is the home of both Zippo Lighters and Case Knives….Zippo acquired the Case company, so both companies are housed in one museum.  There is also a gift shop located there.

When we arrived at the museum,  one of the first things we saw was a 1947 Chrysler that was used to advertise the “windproof Zippo lighter”.  This isn’t the original auto,  but a replica of the one that was driven all over the United States to advertise the lighters.

With the great hazzards of smoking being made so public, I suppose the Zippo facility is seeing fewer visitors.  Then again, maybe not.  The company offers many special lighters that are treasures amongst collectors.  Because of the proximity to the Seneca Nation where Native Americans can sell cigarettes without all the taxes, perhaps smokers are drawn to the museum.

The museum contains many interesting documents and such…there are letters from veterans who lost their lighters during the wars,  letters from people who mangled their lighters in accidents such as hitting one with the lawn mower or running one through an ice crushing machine.  There are also hundreds if not thousands of lighters displayed. One of the first displays is a huge American flag formed from hundreds of lighters.

The Case Knives were also interesting. There are so many varieties and colors.  I was amazed at the extensive uses for all the different knives.  As with the lighters,  there were many collectibles displayed throughout the museum.

We also visited a few stores in Bradford and just enjoyed the day.  It was very hot, but we had fun just taking our time looking about.

Of course, I loved the Welsome to Pennsylvania signs and the informative sign located nearby….

Yes sir, if I could have my “druthers”, I would be living in Pennsylvania.  I love that state. No particular reason. No, there are many particular reasons!  As I looked at that last sign,  I couldn’t help but think of my mother’s ancestor who surveyed for William Penn.  How exciting is that?

As I thought about the above, my Great Aunt Vera came to my mind.  Vera was my special aunt. She had a terrible humped back and stood not much more than four feet tall.  I suppose such a defect would be diagnosed and corrected nowdays, but being tiny to begin with made my great aunt even more special!  Vera had worked as a courtroom stenographer for many years and never married.  She lived in the house that her father built for the family.  She also had a cabin in the woods…at SB Elliot State Park.  That cabin is where I learned a great love for the woods. Memories are so rampant and plentiful. All pleasant and all happy!

Okay, so back to reality!  We came home on Monday and Tuesday was spent just relaxing after all the busyness associated with returning home from camping.  Wednesday was *the* day….Mark had an appointment with the dentist and so did I.

Mark was the more fortunate of the two of us; he was going for a cleaning whereas I was going to have my tooth pulled!

The dentist was gracious, giving me novacaine in every strategic area he could.  He worked on my tooth for quite a while.  As suspected, the root ofthe tooth was cracked and that is why the area above the tooth never seemed to get over being infected. A great deal of exertion was necessary to get the root out, but my dentist is fantastic.  I was actually laughing during the process!

After the root was removed, the dentist filled the hole left behind with a special mix of sterilized bone fragments and material to encourage bone growth.  This process felt like he was jamming the mix into my head, but thankfully, he worked quickly!  The next step was what bothered me the most….stitching the mess up! Something about the thread brushing my nose and face just really unnerved me.  Once again, the dentist worked with speed and confidence that made it seem more bearable!

As I left the office, I was given an instruction sheet on how to care for my wound.  I now left with a sweet little plastic partial that made it impossible to tell I had anything done!

The plastic tooth is the third from the left on top….if you look closely, you can see black stitches! My little partial and I will be together for the next 4 to 6 months, depending on how rapidly I heal.  Modern dentistry is amazing.  As I left, the girls told me to take some ibuprophen as soon as I got home.

 I took the medicine and as the novacaine wore off, I thought I could feel pain. Mark wanted to go to Canandaigua after the appointment and after giving it some thought,  I decided to go, thinking diversion would distract me from the pain. The good news is, there was no pain. None.

As I was feeding bottles and cans into the loud recycle machine at Wegmans,  there was some shaking caused by a 5.5 earthquake located in Canada!  I never felt a thing, but I was busy moving around, grabbing items to feed into the machine.  I know many people nearby did indeed feel the earth move.

I spent today just lying low. I was told to take it easy the first 24 hours to help the healing process.  I did manage to eat some chicken salad on a snadwich thin….I cut it into tiny pieces and used my molars on the left side to eat.  After a while, I did wander down to the grocery store and bought some vanilla ice cream. That was much easier to eat!

Phew. What a week, indeed!

How Could I Have Forgotten?

Somehow yesterday turned into today! I had planned to retire early tonight, but, it just didn’t happen.

As I was writing the last entry,  my brain felt like mush, trying to remember little things and all.  I talked about Mom, Mark, and the kids playing Apples to Apples.  Well, I forgot one player!

As Michelle sat playing the game, she picked up little Fritz and began using the most comical voices to speak for Fritz! It was so cute and in all honesty, I rather think the little fellow was eating it up and enjoying the game!

Here is a photo of the gang playing the game.  Mark is on the end looking like a displaced biker with the dew rag, but he was actually using the covering to deter bugs.

What an amazing and fun afternoon this was!