Play on Sunday, Work on Monday!

Yes, that was the theme around here today!

We had a couple of issues with the camper that needed attention.  The first was that there is a fan called a Fantastic Fan in the bathroom that works in much the same way as a whole-house fan.  It has a great deal of power and can draw in air very rapidly.  The fan quit working last summer and I tried to fix it but just didn’t have the know how.

Enter Michelle.  That kid is awesome in that even though I cannot for the life of me understand Mark’s engineering “jibberish”,  Michelle is right there with him!  She quickly disassembled the entire mechanism and had a schematic drawing of the wiring drawn up for Mark.  She took a few photos and presented all the information to Mark.  A few minutes later, she was back in the camper with a multimeter, measuring voltages.

After Michelle and Mark had been working for awhile,  they were unable to figure why no electricity was reaching the fan.  They pondered the possibilities of perhaps a mouse chewing the wiring and various other scenarios.  Well, it was then that my little pea brain thought to ask if Michelle had actually thought to flick the switch in the bathroom to the on position.  Michelle and Mark looked at one another and Michelle quickly rushed inside the camper.  Oops! It took my comment to make them realize no electricity was going to flow without turning it on!  Yay, one for the mama!

Michelle worked for a couple of hours on the fan and when she was done, the fan was humming away like a contented bee!  She had removed two wire nuts from the fan wiring and we are thinking that perhaps they were loose because after she tested the wires, she placed the wire nuts on and the fan began to work!  I was so happy because that fan is great if we leave the Scotties alone for an hour or two.  It pulls in so much air and cools the camper so nicely!

Michelle also placed new heat “runs” in the camper, as well as making an impenetrable wall so no mice can crawl in.  We think mice managed to crawl in through the little electrical compartment in the camper, so Mark and Michelle built a  box to make it impossible for the critters to enter.  Michelle also replaced the miserable ductwork that was in the camper. 

For one reason or another,  when the camper was made,  one heat run was made from what looks like duck tape! It has a coil of spring so it stretches,  but looks like a gray fabric just like duck tape.   Well, upon further research, we found out the “fabric” is actually fiberglass.  The three other heat runs were made from what look like aluminum foil wrapped around a spring.  The foil had gaping holes all over it.  We found a local heating supply house that carried 25 foot sections of the fiberglass runs.  Thankfully, the entire vent system is now made from the fiberglass runs. 

After spending the better part of the afternoon working on the camper,  Mark and I decided to run on over to Honeoye for some Subway subs for dinner.  We left and as we approached the store,( about 12 miles northwest of us), the sky looked so threatening as the thunder rumbled above us.  We got the subs and then went down to the park to sit and have a bite to eat.

As we were heading home, we saw spots here and there where the skies had opened, making puddles and the pavement very wet.  As we drove down one of the main roads that ties our town to Honeoye,  several domestic geese appeared, just wandering about together looking like a gaggle of tourists!

I guess all that parental training while geese are yet goslings pays off….even when geese are full grown!  It was cute watching how they seemed to move almost fluidly along!

Mark also found a cool sign we had not seen before.  I see it was placed in 2007….we haven’t traveled this road in much longer than that,  I would venture to say.  Funny how a road so close is one we never travel.

Mark commented this road is very isolated and he is right.  Many of the homes built along this road are not visible from the road.  It seemed so curious that this particular sight must have been booming in the 1800’s and is now mostly deserted!

Well, we are happy to say that the little camper is now all in working order.  I will need to wash down the rubber roof and the outer walls sometime soon.  The inside of the camper was thoroughly washed with a bleach solution, as the thought of mice invading our “home” disgusted me!

Now, on to the next “thing”!