What a Splendid Sunday!

This morning,  Carly called bright and early to ask if we were going to come to Canandaigua to watch Kyle run a 5k race.  We got ready to go and just before we left,  Michelle put Murphy and Angus into the truck, only to discover that Murphy had a cracked toenail that twisted sideways and was bleeding.  We put some ice inside a ziplock bag and applied it to the area to stop the bleeding.

We arrived really late at the race,  after Kyle had already finished the run.  I felt so nervous about Murphy, so we called an emergency veterinary hospital just to make sure he would be okay.  After the bleeding stopped, Carly gave me a piece of bandage tape from her first aid kit and I wrapped it, securing the nail a bit so it hopefully wouldn’t bleed anymore.

Carly told us she and her family were going on a picnic this afternoon with her in-laws.  I told her that sounded like fun, so she asked us to come on along.  We were truly thrilled because we wanted to do something that the kids would enjoy but were unsure of what that “something” should be. 

We rushed over to Wal Mart and picked up some goodies to take along with us and then we hurried on home to get ready.  Erin had asked if she could come along with us, so she and Michelle made up a pretty brownie “cake” with delicious frosting and sprinkles on top!  I made a big salad and grabbed several items to take along.

Carly had suggested we go to a part of Durand Eastman Park ( I think that’s right, eh Carly?) where there weren’t picnic tables or grills.  We brought along our camping table (which was absolutely LOADED with food!!!) and Carly and Jeff brought their grill. 

Cy and Madeline brought the most wonderful food,  and Carly made delicious Spring Rolls that were fantastic!  There was so much food, we could have fed an army.  The spot that was chosen was almost entirely ours, with only a few cars and people showing up.  Here are some photos of the area.

Yes, we had this huge green area all to ourselves!  It was so shady and nice…there were no bugs or loud people around.

We ate (far too much!) and as we sat and chatted, Cy took the kids on a hike down a trail that ran nearby.

I had to take a few more photos, as there was a sign nearby stating there was an arboretum located nearby as well. We were actually enjoying the company of some rather old pine trees where we had set up, but down the road just a bit was a field planted with several varieties of fruit trees.

I was enjoying my little romp when I noticed how I was literally fitting right in with these trees!

The kids appeared to be having some fun just hanging around and playing together.

Somehow,  I missed getting some candid shots of Sarah and Michelle.  I think they were moving too fast!  Erin, as always, kept us smiling!

After the kids waited patiently for the adults to stop visiting,  they were elated to get the opportunity to go swimming! They helped clean up the area and Cy and Madeline went home.   We then headed on down to the beach.  Lake Ontario is a very large lake with no land to be seen on its horizons.  Just a little way from the swimming areas, all manner of boats could be seen.  People were thoroughly enjoying the parks this holiday weekend! The summer season more or less is “official” on Memorial Day weekend, and the weather could not have cooperated and more!

As we were leaving the park,  we looked for the swans and their cygnets Carly and Madeline had spotted earlier.  Thanks to Michelle’s good eye, she told me they were swimming in the corner of the pond across the road from the lake.

Mark decided to brave traffic near Seabreeze Park since we were so close to it.  I was happy as there were several swans there as well, being fed by people. This swan was swimming in a most “unique” manner. (Note the foot!)

As I walked back to the truck, I smiled at this fellow’s rather one-of-a-kind tattoo. Apparently he is proud of his Puerto Rican heritage….

All in all, we had a fantastic day, enjoying the warmth and sunshine as well as good company and delicious food!

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  1. What a wonderful set of pictures….a pictorial of your day! Looks like everyone had a great time and the weather was superb!! Couldn’t believe how warm it was!

    It’s so nice to see our birds here swimming happily along….those poor critters down in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast…I feel so bad for the wildlife and the families who depend on that wildlife!

  2. Great shots, as always! I’m glad you were able to find the swan and cygnets. I was so tired when we got home I nearly fell into bed! We all had a lot of fun.

  3. Bill, Murphy’s toenail is wrapped snugly in tape. Carly talked to a friend who is studying to be a vet tech and he advised to let the nail grow out and just keep clipping it. Murphy is very sensitive about that nail right now. I’m not too sure what to do…will talk to a vet today. The vets were all closed yesterday as it was Memorial Day here in the US. When we called the emergency vet hospital, they told us to just get it to stop bleeding and talk to a vet today….they charge $95. just to walk through their door! The girl made it sound like the toenail wasn’t worth the big expense! Since it isn’t hurting him, (he walks very normally) I will see what the vet says….

  4. I answered Chris privately, but thought I should mention here as well, that the animal in the photo is none other than a Chow (dog) shaved to resemble a lion! Kudos to the groomer for a rather accurate rendition, but the poor Chow…..

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