Ah, Fresh Air and Sunshine

Today was one of those days where it felt like we were busy the entire day.

While Mark attended to some paperwork this morning, the kids and I went to the park to walk.  When we arrived there, to our utter surprise,  a neighboring school had brought students in six buses for a day at the park.  Wow!  It seemed like there were hundreds of kids, but I am sure that is an exaggeration. 

After our walk,  we hopped into the truck to head out to the store.  The kids and I committed some time today to weed my mother-in-law’s gardens.  She has a problem with one of her knees, so we agreed to help out by weeding.  On the way to her home,  Mark stopped at Best Buy to grab a new television for her.  Wow, have TVs changed!  I couldn’t get over how skinny most units are now.

Mark dropped us off and then he and Ben ran to the cable company to get new cables for my mother-in-law’s set. Michelle and I began weeding at about two and worked with only a small break until five-thirty. Boy were we tired and dirty! I had found some Off insect repellant and decided to try it out.  My mother-in-law’s house is surrounded by lots of skeeters and I just didn’t want to risk getting eaten alive.

We left my nother-in-law’s house a little after six and as we passed an exquisite garden,  I asked Mark to stop. The flowers were just beyond imagining and the sad part is that this gas station has been closed for a long time now.

Yes, the flowers say the glass is half full! They don’t care whether the station remained open or closed…they smile and bloom no matter what te econimic situation might indicate!

After leaving Rochester, we headed on over to my father-in-law’s grave to decorate it with flowers.  We got to the cemetery late in the evening, but it was so beautiful and peaceful there.  Just as I snapped this shot of the fading sun shining through the branches of the enormous tree,  I heard a child’s laughter ringing out not too far away. 

The sound of laughter in a cemetery seemed strange at first, but then I remembered how this cemetery encourages families to visit and they even have a nature trail and events planned throughout the summer months.  I guess their glass is half full as well!

We didn’t get home until nearly nine o’clock and boy am I sleepy! All that fresh air and sunshine just felt so nice today. 

I need to get my Panasonic camera card, as there is one more photo I nearly forgot about. (Yeah, I was using both the Panny and Nikon cameras today….but wait, I also posted two photos on Facebook that I had snapped with my camera’s phone this morning as well!)

As we were getting ready to leave my mother-in-law’s home,  Mark commented there was a turkey near the neighbors’ woodpile.  I grabbed the Panasonic camera only because it is easier to quickly remove it from the camera bag.  With the shady yard and a moving target, it was challenging to get a photo of my moving target!

Last Night

I was so tired last night, I just was too whipped to grab a card reader for my SD card.  Seems the card reader on my laptop  just quit working on me, so I now need an external reader. I did have a couple of photos to show…you do know that I **always** have a camera on me, after all!

Here is one I took of the adorable goose family:

I mentiond it was cooler (somewhat) yesterday than the day before.  I had to pull over to take a photo last evening as the sun was quickly fading.  A front was passing through which made for not only beautiful skies, but also cooler temperatures!