A Much Better Day

Well, you didn’t think I would keep on complaining now, did you?

This morning’s dental appointment wasn’t all terrific news.  I had another x-ray done of the tooth that had a pocket and has been giving me trouble.  This was the third x-ray of that tooth in four visits.  The dentist studied all the x-rays, plus the one taken when my tooth initially broke off.  He said there “might” be a problem with the tooth’s root.  Bottom line is, I go again next month unless the tooth begins to hurt or gets worse. The dentist explained the worst case scenerio…the tooth would be extracted and an implant placed in the space immediately. Not great news, but not so bad, either.

As I was coming home from the dentist office this morning,  I stopped by Woodville.  There was a goose family with six little goslings.  I sat in the Explorer just watching and listening to them…the tiny little “peep” noises they made as they moved about were so precious! I stayed for probably fifteen or twenty minutes, just caught up in watching the tiny youngsters interact with their parents and siblings.  The parents were alert and making sure I made no false moves toward the babies, taking turns nibbling the greenery and standing guard. The little ones were totally oblivious to any and all danger,  gleefully snapping up grass as quickly as their tiny bills could yank it out. I’m not sure if the heat of te day was cause for them to venture a couple of feet away from their parents or not,  but the wee ones would slip into the water and swim about before making their way back out to join the others.

Realizing that I needed to get home,  I began to turn the Explorer around in the parking lot when I noticed “something” special.  The Eagle is once again perching in “its” tree!  I got so excited. I couldn’t wait to rush home to tell everyone!

This afternoon,  we met up with Carly and her kids at the mall.  It was so nice….Mark, Carly, and I were able to walk around a bit while the girls went off with Michelle and Ben and Kyle hung out together.  We enjoyed this little (too short) outing and the kids were so happy just being together.  Afterwards,  we went to a couple of stores to look around and I got another Fuchsia for the front porch.

The temperature was much kinder today than yesterday and for that, I was so happy!

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  1. Now today would have been a good mall day! It was still pretty humid out…and I don’t do humid very well but had alot of things to do inside today! Glad you got to do some visiting!

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