Whining….yet again

For pity’s sake.  It is almost 9:20 pm and the temperature is still at 79 degrees.  (26 degrees, Celsius)  Okay. I will not whine about that, but I will give you two good reasons to feel sorry for me:

1. My tooth that supposedly had a “pocket” is still a tad sore.  I was given oral antibiotics for a week. When they failed to help, I was given a slow-release antibiotic at the site.  When that failed,  I was administered yet another dose.  My gums are still a little inflamed in the same area.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dentist.  I am so not looking forward to that….

2.  While we were out getting some groceries today, the air conditioner in the truck just stopped working.  Yes, on the hottest day of the year thus far,  we lost our cooling!  While I have no qualms about opening the windows and letting the fresh air come in,  some people don’t care for this.  Argh.  I grew up with no air as a kid and I could probably live without it.  Of course, ruffled hair never has bothered me immensely!

I think I will put my steamy and weary body to bed soon.  At least while sleeping, the mosquito bites don’t itch and the heat doesn’t bother me.  Too much!