Oh Glory, it’s Hot!

We are being “graced” with some scorching temperatures this week.  Not being a fan of hot weather,  this isn’t the most pleasant thing for me.  Add to that the fact that we have had considerable amounts of rainfall and my, but the mosquito population appears to be thriving.  This is so not-so-good for me. This afternoon, I suddenly (yeah, seems how these bites seem to do)  began itching like crazy.  I have not only several new bites on my arms, but also some more on my legs.  Grumble, grumble….Does anyone mind if I just call off summer this year?

The happy news is that yesterday,  I kept applying ice on the swollen bite that seemed to be infected.  After removing the ice,  the bite wept yellow pus for a while.  This morning,  it changed to blood and the red spot has diminished considerably.

Since I am (always) an early morning riser,  I told Mark we should leave early for my walk.  We were at the track shortly after seven, and I was able to walk three miles once again.  I feel so bad for Mark, but he has been working out on a stationary bike and he feels really good he can use it.

On our way home from the park,  we saw a rather humorous sight;  along route 64, just south of Bristol Mountain,  there is a field where the hang-gliders land.  There is a small yellow windsock there to give the silly geese an idea of where to land.  Wait a minute….did I say “geese”?

With not a speck of water in this particular field, it seems funny these birds would land there.  It’s gotta be that yellow windsock, I tell ya!

This afternoon,  I was finally able to capture one of our ultra-timid hummingbirds.  The little females are back for the season, but I haven’t seem any males yet.

Later this afternoon, I drove on down to Woodville.  It is always such a fun trip this time of the year when everything new is showing up.

This goose family was initially near the launch for kayaks and canoes.  As soon as they spotted me, though,  Mr and Mrs Goose instructed the wee ones to hop into the safety of the water.  Watching those little black beadlike eyes bobbing up and down on the waves was so adorable!

Of course, there was lots of new greenery showing up as well.

I have to admit…the bright blue skies and sunshine are nice,  but the heat?  How nice if we could just turn the thermostat down just a bit!