The End of a Busy Weekend

Well, after my previous post regarding my colorful flowers,  I guess the color theme for yesterday would have been the awesome blue skies!  The weather forecast for the entire weekend called for the possibility (quite high, actually) of rain falling.  However, the amount of rain that fell was tiny!

The kids had friends over on Saturday.  They arrived at about two in the afternoon and left around eleven.  This made for a bit of a long day, but it was good seeing everyone together.  One of the guys is attending college down in Pennsylvania, so it is nice to see him back home.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, we were invited to attend the graduation party for a friend.  The kids would be hanging out with the same friends they saw Saturday, olus a few more.  It was great seeing all the kids, but a little awkward, as there were few adults I knew!  Egads! 

Mark was wiped out from the get together the kids had on Saturday, so I took the kids to the graduation party.  I hung around for awhile, but was feeling uncomfortable because one of the mosquito bites I had seems to be going through some kind of “reaction”.  It is red, swollen, and it hurts more than it itches. I went back home and got Mark and we decided to just go for a little ride to Canandaigua.  The place where the graduation party was held was only about ten minutes from Canandaigua, so we would pick the kids up as soon as they called.

As we were driving in Canandaigua, Mark pulled over off the road so I could shoot a photo of the moon and clouds above….

Yes, the sky was that marvelous intense blue and the clouds were just awesome against it!

The kids called us shortly after eight and we hopped on over to pick them up.  The party was held at a Christian camp on Canandaigua Lake.  I was so disappointed about not taking many photos yesterday, but what a grand opportunity I got as we waited on the kids, saying their good-byes. These kids were just sitting, talking on the dock as the setting sun ricocheted its light off the clouds, leaving little streams of light poking through the clouds, here and there!

My head hit the pillow last night and I was out like a light!  It felt so good to go to sleep, knowing there was no appointment or activity planned for today.

I got up as usual, taking care of the Scotties,  then realized it is getting very warm very quickly. A look at the forecast says it all…the temperatures will be soaring upward today.  I scurried in and asked Mark if we could go out on our walk and roll early so I wouldn’t melt!  He told me he has been experiencing some numbness in one of his hands. He is pretty sure it is due to rolling the wheelchair two miles every day.  So, he sat in the truck while I soloed today.

The heavy blanket of dew on the grass when I walked around the track the first time left a scent that was awesome!  I love the scent of freshly watered soil…I worked in a greenhouse many years ago and learned to love the scent.  The sun had already arisen in the eastern sky to the point that three-quarters of the track was receiving full sunlight.  The other quarter is my favorite part of the entire track, where I was sheltered from the sun and heat by evergreens.

Just behind those evergreens to the east is a house.  This is where I took the photo the other day of the flowers against the unpainted building.  I decided to grab a photo of just the field of flowers…they are so very beautiful! (And yes, I do take time to stop and admire, even though I am walking!)

A little Killdeer joined me for a bit!

I am battling with a bad reaction to a mosquito bite on my leg.  It is near my ankle and it is red, hard, and swollen. It itches, but the swelling seems more annoying than the itching at this point.

If this doesn’t clear up soon, I think I may see the doctor.  With only a few mosquito bites thus far this year,  I have about had it!  I always try to avoid the things, but I cannot be suffering with mosquitoes and bites all summer! Thankfully,  I was able to walk three miles today, even though it was a bit painful!