Color and More Color!

I know that every year I photograph the pretty flowers as they come into bloom here in the Bristolwood, but this year?  I am not sure why, but the colors of plants and flowers seem even more outstanding than I ever remember them.  I was discussing this last weekend with a Mennonite lady selling flowers at The Windmill and she said she noticed the same thing this spring.

I won’t dillydally, but will get on with the photos I took yesterday.  I did a little “study” on the Columbines, which I just love and think they are such a great flower!

Happily, the Nikon was able to get the differing purples in the flower above and the one below. The Columbine below is so pretty….I love the deep purple and petals that seem almost like crepe paper.

While I am showing off my flowers, here is my new Fuchsia hanging on the front porch….(talk about an abundance of flowers!)

And my pretty, almost “shocking” yellow Reiger Begonia on the table on the front porch.

Remember to take some time today to not only stop and smell the roses, but to absorb some of the great beauty that surrounds eaxh and every one of us!

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  1. Erin picked up a purple columbine at the lilac festival the other day. While we were there, they gave us (no charge) about 30 painted lady butterfly larvae. We put them into containers to “do their thing,” then we’ll build a box for them to live in once they metamorphose. They can’t be released (native to California) as they may have diseases that could infect the local butterfly population. Pretty cool hands on lesson.

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