I HATE Mosquitoes!

Can I say that any more forcefully?  I don’t think so. Those rotten little bugs just adore me, sucking the blood right out of me. The last tidbit of information I read the other day suggested the buggers like people with high carbohydrate diets.  Well, since I am *not* a huge carb eater,  I have no idea why they might like me!  I also don’t sweat, and Mark had read they prefer people who are hot or sweat a lot.  Needless to say, it just doesn’t matter.

So, why the rant on mosquitoes?  Well, yesterday I wasn’t feeling so great.  I just felt really miserable.  Then, almost as though someone had flipped a switch,  I suddenly began itching!  As I looked over my legs,  I counted eight swollen welts where I had been gnawed upon by mosquitoes.   I also found a welt on my wrist.  These welts are nothing new. My mother says when I was little,  the huge welts appeared as soon as the nasty insects took a sampling of my blood.

Yesterday, while Mark and Ben were shopping at WalMart, I sauntered on over to the pharmacy, in the hopes that perhaps there was *something* new…anything that would relieve the itching and pain!  I stood at the consultation area, waiting for a pharmacist.  I couldn’t believe the activity…there were at least two or three pharmacists and assistants working in a flurry.  I almost felt guilty taking a pharmacist away from filling prescriptions, but then again, I was feeling terrible from those bites.

A young woman pharmacist came over and I told her I’ve always had problems with mosquitoes.  I alerted her to the fact that I am allergic to Benadryl and she immediately asked if I was able to take Claritin. I had taken this medication before with no problems. 

Long story short,  I took one Wal Mart variety of Claritin (costing a wee fraction of the price, mind you!) and within about two hours, the swelling went down and the itch went away!  This medication is to be taken only once every 24 hours, and I am pretty convinced that I won’t have to take another today.  I cannot believe that instead of a topical medication, the systemic approach can bring such great relief!  I feel so much better without the painful and itching welts and now the bites are small pink sites instead of red swollen welts.

Mark and I missed our little walk and roll yesterday.  As the day progressed, the heat really built up, along with the humidity. We finally went out at about 6:30 when the heat began to diminish.  As we walked around the track, it did sprinkle a little, but was nothing severe.  I did find an awesome photo op, though!

In looking at the above photo with the building or the flowers in focus, the building in focus was the best shot.  It made the flowers appear more watercolorlike…Anyway, the flowers up close look like this….

As Mark and I were doing the track, a man came along with his faithful companion, Gunther.

I wish I would have had the Nikon on me, as Gunther was a difficult shoot.  He kept barking at me and turning his head! The little Panny had a bit of trouble keeping up…as soon as the focus was great,  Gunther moved his head! Argh!  He was such a cute dog.  His “man” told me that he is a spoiled rotten Basset,  but there really is no such thing as a spoiled dog.  Just ask me!

Another note:  Mark finally met with a dietician and diabetes specialist this week.  The meetings were on Tuesday and yesterday.  It was nice to finally get some information. It seems Mark and I learned a great deal on the internet about what to eat.  Mark was alarmed when the dietician told him he needed to eat more food and specifically, carbohydrates.  Since carbs turn to sugar, Mark thought a lower intake would be better.  He is still digesting all the information, but is a bit leary about upping his carbs to the recommended amount. 

Sorry I have been missing,  but things have been so tied up in “life”!  Hopefully, the camera and I will be getting out more again!