My, oh My!

A couple weeks ago, Mark’s cell phone kinda bit the dust!  He had the phone replaced last year and at the time, our (old) phones were no longer being manufactured, so he received a remanufactured one.  I also had problems, so I got mine replaced as well.  Long story short,  Mark kept getting phones that were worse than the previous one.  When the phone’s screen went black, he called Sprint and they (finally) replaced his phone with a newer model.

My three-year-old HTC Mogul has some problems, but they seem minor, compared to Mark’s blatant problems, so I just lived with them. Well, when Mark got his new Touch Pro 2,  my eyes went green!  Yes, I began to covet his phone.

Mark, being a fair man, called Sprint and asked if I might get my phone replaced as well.  Well, the woman gave us a great deal, so *my* new phone arrived yesterday!

This is a grubby photo of this most awesome phone, but you can see its “face” is all screen! (The back of the phone is all speaker, so the phone can be placed face down on the console of the truck or Explorer and used hands-free.) I love it! Goodbye old phone.  Goodbye I-pod.  This phone can do so many terrific things and Mark just keeps finding more and more applications.  Something tells me that tiny Micro SD card will need an upgrade from 4 gig to 16 gig.  Or maybe even 32 gig! 

If you don’t hear from me for awhile, have no fear! I am just getting to know the new phone a bit better!!