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  1. hahaha….what Carly said!! So, I guess I don’t have to ask if it rained today?? It did not rain here at the cottage although there was a chance…it was cloudy but not really chilly. I have never seen an Amish pickup before! Even when we spent some time in Shipshewana, Indiana in the Amish community….we didn’t see any! Interesting…

  2. Carly, too funny!!!
    Jeanne, Mark thought this setup was pretty unique. I knew there were buggies that required two horses, but this one was unique…also, the flat back made it really look like a pickup!
    BTW, the only “goods” I saw in the back area were a couple of plants. Perhaps they had yet to stop at Lowe’s next door for something large, though.

  3. I was looking through the on-line National Archives of Civil War photos and ran into a photo of a horse drawn wagon that wasn’t called a wagon even though it looked like what all the history books told use were wagons…. Painted on the side of the wood sided wagon was “Photographers Van”! lol who knew! So it’s very fitting what I would cal a buggy in you pic be called a truck! Wonder what my truck driver friend would say! LOL

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