Guess Where We Were Yesterday?

Yes, we spent the day at Darien Lake.  Since we attend Kingdom Bound every year, we save some money by buying season passes to the park.  It isn’t that far away and the kids love going, so we try to get a few visits in every summer.

The park just opened last week and it is really exciting because this year, they are expanding and opening a big waterpark.  I know the kids are going to want to spend even more time there now!  What was really amazing is the fact that there was a construction crew there working on a Sunday.  Memorial Day weekend is coming up rapidly and the waterpark is set to open that weekend.  Our kids are soo excited!

Mark and I went out and enjoyed crusing along in the park.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot and certainly not too chilly.  Since the crowd was rather sparse, I was able to get some photos that I never can take any other time without throngs of people!

The park is very family-friendly, but we also see a lot of older people there too.  Located in the country, about 20 or so miles from Buffalo, it is a great way to enjoy the out-of-doors with young people!

There are still some extra little touches that are yet to be done like putting up flowers, but we noticed the Boomerang (rollercoaster) and Ferris Wheel are sporting fresh paint.  In the first photo, one can see the fresh paint on the waterslides…..quite a contrast between the old faded colors and new ones!