I think I could sleep standing up!

Although today wasnt really a busy day, per se, it was a long one.

I got up and did some laundry, straightened the house, washed the never-ending onslaught of dishes, then decided I wanted to go to the Windmill. (A large craft and farmer’s type market)  It takes about an hour to get there and off I went on my own. 

It was wonderful not feeling hurried or rushed with the family waiting in the truck.  I got to chat with Pastor Bert and Janine’s son, Nate, for a long time.  We had a lot of catching up to do since I haven’t seen him in ages.  Nate was there selling flowers and plants for his mom and dad who own a greenhouse business. 

I walked around, admiring all sorts of beautiful items and it was just a lot of fun looking at whatsoever *I* decided to see!  I think I was there for about an hour and a half and it really made me feel better.  Sometimes it is so easy to get bogged down by the cares of home ownership.  Seems like there is an endless amount of things that need to be tended and it is easy to get swallowed up by everything!

I took only one photo at the Windmill…

I love horses and when I was a little girl, I always dreamed of one day owning one! It never happened and I think perhaps it never will.  They are such beautiful animals and every time I see them, I have to stop and look at them! The particular horse here lives next door to the Mennonite run store I often mentioned here…Oak Hill Farms. 

I did end up buying some Wildflower Honey and a huge Lobelia plant.  The plant actually has Impatiens and some Ivy planted in with it and it is hanging on the front porch.  I love the beautiful color!

I got back home at about three-thirty and we fiddled around until leaving the house at five-thirty for the kids to attend a show in Naples.  After dropping the kids off,  Mark and I went for a ride to Wayland, about 20 miles from Naples.  We went to the school there and I told Mark we ought to walk and roll there.  We did and we went almost two miles.  It sure was a lot more interesting walking the school property than the track we usually walk.  Mark checked out our distance on Google Maps and discovered we went almost two miles.  Yay!

We picked the kids up at almost ten-thirty and it was all I could do to stay awake! We have more plans for a busy day tomorrow.  Guess I had better get some sleep….soon! Oh, and as an aside, I saw the first Hummingbird at the feeder out front today.  Hurrah!!

Just Hangin’ Out

The kids went t play raquetball at the YMCA yesterday.  Mark and I went down near the lake to just hang out while waiting for them.  It was so incredibly warm, especially shocking after all the chilly temperatures we’ve had the past several days!

I got out and wandered about a little, not traveling very far.  Boy would this old dead tree make for some fabulous pre-seasoned firewood!

I spotted a little Robin hopping about, gleefully snapping up worms from the ground.  With all the rain we’ve had recently, this must be a relatively easy task for the Robin!

Although I am quite sure the little bird was telling me to Buzz off! and leave it alone!

So I went down to the lake.  Wow, the water is soooo clear there!

If you enlarge the photo above by clicking on it,  it is really cool how the sunlight makes the most amazing starlike sparkles on the water without a special lens! Nope, I didn’t touch that photo other than to resize it so I could send it to my blog.

I like the little building where tickets are sold for a ride on the Canandaigua Lady.

It was so windy yesterday, I really had a hard time getting photos! The wind was warm, but it was so strong!

I went back to the truck and sat with Mark until…..

I had seen this goose family of nine earlier when I walked just a little over at the Lagoon behind Wegmans.  They had been grazing in the grass over by Burger King.  I took a photo of them from afar, but it wasn’t so great…the wind factor! I was so honored to see them coming down the water!

The adult geese were very gracious, allowing me to move right in with the camera to take photos.  There was a man who came by with a German Shepherd and Airdale Terrier and one of the geese began wildly honking a warning that the dogs had better move back!   I guess I was less of a threat than a big dog!

I love this last photo as if you enlarge it,  you can see the little gosling feet under the water!

Sorry for more geese photos, but these geese are so amazing.  It is fun watching them, as they care for their youngsters and fun watching the youngsters respond to the adults.  At one point,  I had seen three adult geese caring for little ones.  Not sure if there were two broods of goslings and one of the adults had gotten killed, or if a couple of adults allowed another to tag along.  It was interesting, anyway.

Hope you are having a great weekend!