Okay, Let’s be Serious!

Yes, that last post was thrown in just because.  Guess I am in a funny mood because if I don’t laugh, I will cry! Seriously!

I will get to that in a minute, but here are some photos from today.  I took Michelle for her last classes for her first yer of college today.  I cannot believe she is done.  She took a Macro Economics exam and Statistics exam today.  She isn’t positive about the Stats exam,  but spoke with her Macro professor after class.  He looked over her exam and told her she got 100%!  Yippee!!!

Oops, got a little away from myself.  As I was driving back home from Canandaigua,  I saw several goose families resting on the grass beside a restaurant.  I had to take a photo of some gosling siblings all huddled together in a sweet little heap.

How can such adorable little bundles of fluffy fuzz grow up into loud, obnoxious geese?  I was surprised, though, that the parents allowed me to walk up so close to their offspring! 

When I got home, I was looking at my little garden and just loved the way the rain had remained on the Columbine.

I did some chores around the house, then had to go to an early afternoon dental appointment.  The dentist poked and prodded at the tooth that had the pocket.  As I nearly jumped in the air when he touched one area,  he said although the infection is reduced from the last time he saw me, there is still some sign of infection remaining.  Joy of joys.  He got a syringe and gave me another slow-release antibiotic.  I need to go back again in two weeks and hopefully, the infection will be totally eradicated!

On my way home,  I decided to take Route 21 which runs through Woodville.  As I was driving along with the window down,  I caught a whiff of something sublime!  I pulled over off the road and took a photo….

This “wall” of Wisteria is incredible!  It is growing, seemingly wild,  along the road. The flowers cascade down from about 20 feet up and the “wall” runs along the road for a good 150 feet.   It is really amazing to see…and smell!

I am planning to spend this evening just relaxing.  The stress of seeing the dentist always makes me weary!  It didn’t hurt at all when the dentist administered the antibiotic,  but now,  the tooth feels just a bit sensitive.  I think I will make a small fire in the woodstove and sit and knit on the prayer shawl for my friend!

Oh, and one more thing!  I have placed the hummingbird feeders out and have seen no sign of them yet.  I was so disappointed!  On Facebook,  I befriended a fabulous entity called Grand Alaska Photography .  The owner not only is a photographer, but also runs an inn in Ketchikan.  Well, Scott announced the other day that the hummingbirds had returned!  Where are mine?  (If you follow the hyper link above, you will see hummingbirds as I have never seen before!)