What a Terrific Mother’s Day!

I guess it is a bit of a tradition that we get together with my family for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Mark’s mom spent the day nursing her knee after hurting it the other day and she said we needn’t visit.  So, we made plans to go to the home of my parents for the day.  The only catch was that Michelle wanted to study for a few hours in the morning. Mark and I agreed to let her have some time,  then we left the house shortly after noon.

We arrived in my hometown shortly after 3 pm and met my parents and Randy at the Rod and Gun Club where we had dinner.  My, oh my! What a meal!  My parents, Mark, and I  all ordered a turkey dinner.  This came with turkey breast…there had to have been nearly a pound of meat mounded onto each plate.  I have never seen so much turkey served.  My mother and I chose baked potatoes, which were also huge.  The meal  included a generous amount of stuffing and a small cup of cranberry sauce, along with a big serving of peas and carrots.  The kids and Randy got chicken fingers.  I think every one of us took a box for the leftovers!  What a delicious meal this was!  And, the price of the entire meal for our family was probably about half of what it would have cost at a restaurant.

After dinner, we went to Mom and Dad’s and spent some time just enjoying the company and the day!  We left my parents’ home around 8:30 pm and got home at about 11:30. 

As usual, I do have photos, so I will explain a little….

 Our weekend began with some very strange…for this time of the year…weather.  On Saturday, we had wind like I don’t remember since moving here almost 18 years ago.  The trees were swaying like crazy and beautiful green leaves were flying all about.  The winds didn’t come in gusts, but remained sustained the entire day.  I couldn’t believe that we didn’t lose any power or cable because it was just that wild!

If we had “winds” on Saturday,  I guess one would have to say Sunday, Mother’s Day,  was “breezy”.  The severe winds had diminished a great deal,  but there was definitely wind blowing on Sunday as well.  The temperature never really climbed a great deal from the freezing point, and we received a little “surprise”…

Yes, in the form of S-N-O-W!

By the time we left for our visit, much of the snow had melted a bit.  I don’t think it was so much through warmth as sublimation!!! 

I wanted to find a nice little gift for my mother.  She loves flowers…but, outside.  As long as I can remember, Mom always told me that flowers indoors remind her of a funeral home! Argh!  I love flowers in the house, but I can understand Mom’s point of view! Since we would pass through Naples, I knew that the vegetable, fruit, and flower market there would have just the right thing!

We stopped on our way and I looked and looked through the flowers.  They had hanging pots….mostly petunias and I just wasn’t so sure about those.  I found a few hanging pots with New Guinea Impatiens,  but the bushiest, best-looking ones were pink and I know Mom loves the deep reddish-orange ones the best.  I decided maybe I could buy some flats of Pansies,  but I didn’t really want to make work for Dad. 

I’m not sure if growing up on a farm was what formed my dad into quite the horticulturist, but he certainly has a way with flowers and plants!  Mom loves to pick out flowers every year to be planted in the flower beds, along with the perennials,  but it is my father who does the planting and tending.  Since he recently had the shoulder replacement surgery,  I didn’t want to buy anything that would require work on his behalf!  My father is a non-stop worker,  but he really does need to rest and take it easy for that shoulder to heal! And, by the way, he is doing fantastic with the shoulder! The only thing that is problematic for him is the sling he must wear.

So….I did find some pretty Pansy Pots.  We bought Mark’s mom a pot of Pansies last year and they grew so beautifully. When I saw these pots, I knew they were for Mom!  I knew she would like the deep reddish-brown pansies, interespersed with the other brightly-colored ones! Best of all, these Pansies can remain in their pots and Mom can enjoy them on the back deck if she wants.

As we sat talking at the table last evening,  Cardinals came by to visit. I couldn’t help but smile as a female Cardinal landed on the feeder behind the house, accompanied by a little Wren. 

The Cardinal and Wren were seen out back for a long time together.   They even fed on the ground next to one another! Male Cardinals appeared as well, but they were so flighty….it was nearly impossible to photograph them.

I went outside this morning and took a few photos of the “wild winds” aftermath.  All along the driveway, between the gravel and grass, there is like a gutter full of leaf debris!

The Explorer was parked on the west side of the driveway and after the snow had melted off,  it looked like someone sprayed tiny pieces of leaf all over it!

The lawn is full of small branches with brightly-colored green leaves that were ripped from the trees by the brutal winds.

The deck out back certainly needs a good sweeping!

Okay, so enough with crazed weather!

I love Mother’s Day, and I am so disappointed that I don’t get to spend time with my mother like I used to.  It is hard living three hours away, as to visit for a day means we must spend six hours of drive time.  But, I am so thankful that I am able to go and visit my mother!  I know many people my age have lost their moms and I am the fortunate one who still has a mom who I can call on the phone and chat with whenever I want!  That in itself is a blessing.

But did I ever mention that my mom is so thoughtful and considerate, as well as helpful?  She is!  Yesterday, I was so amazed at one of the sweet things she did. When I was a little girl, living in an apartment on Spring Street, there was an area beside our house where what seemed like millions of Lilies of the Valley grew.  Oh, how I loved those plants when the tiny little bell-shaped flowers appeared every spring.   I remember picking them and just sitting and sniffing their wonderful aroma! When we moved, my father planted Lilies of the Valley at our “new” house.  And, now that my parents live in a newer house,  rest assured that there is a rather large bed of Lilies of the Valley.

I did confide that my mom doesn’t really care to have flowers in the house, so when I asked about the glass container filled with Lilies of the Valley,  my mom said she remembered that I love them.  She explained she picked them so I could enjoy them….

Is there anyhing so sweet as a mother’s love?

The Last Leg of Our Most Amazing Day Out….

took us to Robert H. Treman Park located just a short distance from Buttermilk Falls Park.  We spent only a short amount of time at this park, as it was beginning to get late and we needed to begin making our way back home to the Bristolwood.

Once again, this is another of New York’s beautiful parks.  We really are blessed in this state to have so much land dedicated for the public to enjoy and I certainly hope that some way, the state will be able to keep and maintain these treasures for the future.

I won’t offer any dialogue with these photos. Suffice it to say, this was a great little park with some terrific scenery.  Ben and I were going to hike a bit of the trails, but as the sign pointed out, the trail was closed due to hazardous conditions. That was a bummer, but we did walk a bit along another trail that is a part of the Finger Lakes Trail System.

The porch above is at the back of the mill and the huge porch offers a lovely view of the falls coming down out of the woods. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of three parks that offered some breathtaking views of waterfalls!  All located near Ithaca, New York, these parks are such a wonderful diversion from the everyday stress of life!  No wonder we see people wearing tee shirts with  Ithaca is Gorges printed on them.  Ithaca *is* gorges, indeed!