Taughannock Falls

Mark, (being foresighted as he is!) decided that yesterday would be a good day to do something special for Mother’s Day.  He knew that one of the things I have been wanting to do lately is visit a series of New York State parks that are all located in a fairly compact area.

We got ready to go around 8 am and were off around 9.  Before beginning our adventure, however, Mark insisted that  we take our semi-daily 2 mile walk and roll around the park track.  The reason our treks are”semi-daily” is because if the weather is too rainy, Mark cannot roll the wheelchair so easily….think mud!

Because we arrived at the track later than usual, we encountered more folks than usual.  This made for some slower than normal progress.  I got a bit frustrated and left the track after my third loop, whereas Mark stuck with the program and completed all four loops. (The track is half a mile)

As soon as we were finished, we were off and on our way!  Our adventure for the day took us east past Geneva, then down roads parallel to Seneca Lake.  I had completely forgotten that we would pass the old Seneca Depot in Romulus, home of the white deer.  I had spoken about these deer before on this blog and they are not albino Whitetail Deer, but white “versions” of Whitetail Deer.

We saw a few deer nibbling on the greenery in the woods, so I got out of the truck and walked a bit, siting the deer and trying to get a shot.  It was tough because I had to shoot through chainlink fence separating the deer from the highway.Add to that the fact that these deer spook really easily and it is very hard to get a secent capture, particularly when not spending a good deal of time along the fencing. I was bummed that in this first photo, the deer was looking away from me instead of toward me!

And, too bad this deer was walking away from me instead of toward me.  Ah well.

We continued on our way, finally arriving at Taughannock Falls State Park.  This is such a fabulous park, home of falls with  a 215 foot drop.  They are beyond awesome!  It was just so very beautiful!

I grabbed the Panasonic camera to take the rest of the photos, as it has a nice wide angle capability.

We found out that we could drive to the end of the park and hike a trail through the gorge. The kids and I were game…the trail was 3/4 mile, so it would be easily doable.  There were story boards placed along the trail, citing facts regarding the falls, but the views along the way were awesome. The literature stated that the walls surrounding our walk were as tall as 400 feet!

We finally made it to the little bridge beyond the falls pool.

What a nice woodland walk this proved to be.  The weather was a bit quirky, with some breezes.  When the sun poked through the clouds, it was almost too warm to wear a lightweight jacket, but as soon as the clouds covered the sun, we would immediately get chilled!

The last photo is for Carly.  Carly had posted a photo of Wood Violets on her blog and I identified them.  There was a prolific bunch growing along the trail as we walked and I couldn’t resist….

I just love the purple flowers and the pretty heart-shaped green leaves!

Now, on to the next adventure…