Spring Means New Babies….

and I will never tire of looking at these babies!

We passed these little ones this morning taking Michelle to school.  As soon as we dropped her off, I made a beeline to the water!

On our way home, Mark and I stopped for our daily “walk and roll”.  That is, I walk and he rolls two miles.  As I made my way around the track, I kept seeing  an awesome “still life”.  The componants, individually, are not necessarily of great photographic interest, but together, (along with that most amazing blue sky with white clouds) they were stunning!

Last night, we had some fantastic thunderstorm activity that produced the most intense colors I’ve seen! The grass was screaming green!

When we came home, I just had to photograph my Lilacs.  They are more full and beautiful than they have ever been!

After enjoying the sunshine, blue skies, and fluffy white clouds, it began to cloud up again.  Wish I could have gone out and taken more photos today….the colors were so awesome and the lighting, great!