Not Much to Say!

Today was a totally photoless day.  That doesn’t happen too often. 

Mark and I went out to walk and roll this morning at about nine. It was so warm,  I was glad to quit after two miles. Every time I passed a bench,  it took a lot of willpower to kept from sitting down….I knew if I did, I might never get back up again! 

I worked on cleaning a little more deeply in the  camper today.  I discovered that the smoke detector in the camper was minus its battery! Oops! 

I cleaned out the hot tub.  In time we have had it,  I have only cleaned the surface once before.  I had drained the water from it yesterday,  so I climbed on in and cleaned away!  It is awesome that in all the years that tub has been operational,  there have been few problems with it.  The biggest problem I seem to face is getting enough chlorine in it!  After cleaning the tub, I just placed the cover on it.  I didn’t put any water in because it was about 7:30 and I was just too tired to deal with filling it.  It doesn’t take that long, really, but I was just too tired to watch it.  As soon as we have a couple of nice warm days,  I want to refinish the cedar outside again.  It is so much easier to just refinish the outside every year than to allow it to get ugly!

I did do a few other things throughout the day, like raking big stones off the driveway that were exposed from the last rainstorm.  I made a huge amount of stir-fry today. I also worked on knitting the prayer shawl for my friend.  Not too shabby today!

We are having a thunderstorm pass through right now and the rain smells so refreshing! I have the bedroom window open and am so enjoying the fresh oxygen-laden air!