Today was just one of those “ho-hum” days that I was fortunate to have climbed outta bed.  Well, not really, exactly.  I just wasn’t too thrilled about much of anything today.  I had taken the Nikon with me when I took Michelle to school, thinking perhaps I would find something interesting to capture.  But alas, there was naught.

So,  how about a pretty Trillium found growing in the woods near a stump?

I did eventually wander off the porch this afternoon when Mark and Ben went to Canandaigua  to pick Michelle up from school.  Every now and then, when Angus isn’t around (he went with Mark and Ben)  I will allow Murphy off his lead to play a bit.  Since I planned to do that,  I put three of these in my pocket before going outside….

Murphy is quite food-driven, so if I want to keep his attention,  all I need do is flash a “cookie” in front of him and he is all ears!

We hopped down the steps, me with camera in hand.  My Allium plants which started out as bulbs placed in the ground late last November,  are beginning to bloom.  As I was taking this….

Murphy’s long snout reached right into my pocket and grabbed one of the little gingerbread boys! (They are not gingerbread….I think these are chicken-flavored)

What a mischievous little pickpocket!

It was a day when I felt unsettled.  No particular reason and I really wasn’t “anxious”.  I guess the bottom line is, I didn’t want to do housework!

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  1. Ah yes! One of those days….we all have them! Love your beautiful flowers and sneaky little guy with his cookie!

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