An Amish Adventure

A few days ago,  I got a call from an Amish woman who placed an order for supplies to make lotions and creams to sell.  I chatted with this woman for quite some time and I learned many things about her. She and her family moved from Michigan just three weeks before.  She said ten Amish families had bought land and were creating a new Amish community. Only three of the families had moved to the new location. 

The move involved some three hundred ewes (many pregnant) as well as draft horses, ducks, chickens, and various household sundries.  My Amish customer confided it was amazing, seeing trucks arrive with all their worldly goods on board!  I was so thrilled to speak with this woman.

I received her payment for the order the next day.  I rushed to pack it, as it was the day we took Mark’s mom to her doctor appointment.  I inadvertantly left out a pound of product.  My customer called on Saturday while we were out, stating she had been shorted.  Well, true to form, I felt absolutely horrible, hoping this new customer wouldn’t consider me a cheat!

Today, when Mark asked where I would like to go for a ride,  I told him in no uncertain terms, I would like to get the pound of goods to my Amish customer.  So, off we drove!

When we arrived at the farmhouse,  I was just a tad reluctant.  I know the Amish don’t do any business on Sundays, so I was hesitant, hoping this would not be considered a transaction.  The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought she might not be offended.  And so, I meandered up the driveway.

I went to the back of the house to find two tiny Amish girls playing.  I called out, “Excuse me!” and they called to a woman in Pennsylvania Dutch.  Just then,  a woman appeared.  When I asked where I could find my customer, she advised me she was the one I was looking for!  After that,  I was made to feel like a queen!

My customer told me she wasn’t a bit upset about the shortage and just wanted to let me know about it.  I told her I felt terrible and as we spoke, several more adults came by and my customer told them who  I was.  They all treated me so kindly and I was thoroughly enjoying myself! We spoke for about ten or fifteen minutes before I left.

As I was chatting with my new customer,  I asked permission to photograph the area where ewes with their lambs were fenced in.  The ladies all nodded in agreement I could certainly do this!

Note the numbers on the backs of the sheep. Do you suppose the Amish count sheep at night to get some shuteye, too?  Okay,  yes I am being silly!

The lambs were so adorable! They frollicked about and moved about with such animated gestures!

I loved this little one lying in the grass….

What a treat it was to visit this farm and to be received so warmly!  A real Pennsylvania Dutch treat!!!