Bee Happy!

Mark and I have been going up to Bristol in the morning. ..Mark rolls in the wheelchair, while I walk  the track. This morning was absolutely beautiful!  The skies were overcast,  but that was okay.  The temperature was getting warm quite rapidly and the clouds probably kept us from burning up.

As soon as we got home, I scurried to make Ben breakfast so he could head off to the woods to cut some firewood. There is a large tree that fell that has been on Ben’s mind for awhile and he was anxious to get to work!

I had some work to do in the little garden along the side of the house.  We have been wanting to regrade that area for a couple of years, but Mark thought we should do the grade when we build a better wheelchair ramp.  We are hoping to get to the ramp and more this year.  I am so excited….I haven’t mulched the plants in that garden for probably three years, expecting to get around to it sooner than later. I will be so thrilled when we begin tnis project because we have several things on the plate to go along with the regrade and ramp!

I did weed my pathetic garden this morning, eradicating a few dastardly dandelions. As I worked, I looked up at my marvelous (that is a snide remark….I am SURE this plant is overly-aggressive, trying to demolish every little plant that happens to end up near it!) Bleeding Heart.  A little Bumblebee was working its way along the teardroplike flowers…the bee had figured how to move along the flowers without flying at all!

I was using the little Panasonic camera to take these photos, as it was already in the truck where I left it this morning.  It was much more accessible than trying to run upstairs in the house to grab the Nikon.

As I was taking these photos,  I think I was annoying the little bumble as he worked.  I moved in quite close to the bee and perhaps it felt crowded….it seemed to move around a lot.  At one point, I snapped a shot as the bee was flying off.  Unfortunately, the focus is a bit off, but I smiled when I reviewed the picture….I have heard of “bee balm”, but “bee bum”?

There is something so enticing about photographing bees and flowers. Flowers and Bumblebees are so colorful, complementing one another so well!