Play on Sunday, Work on Monday!

Yes, that was the theme around here today!

We had a couple of issues with the camper that needed attention.  The first was that there is a fan called a Fantastic Fan in the bathroom that works in much the same way as a whole-house fan.  It has a great deal of power and can draw in air very rapidly.  The fan quit working last summer and I tried to fix it but just didn’t have the know how.

Enter Michelle.  That kid is awesome in that even though I cannot for the life of me understand Mark’s engineering “jibberish”,  Michelle is right there with him!  She quickly disassembled the entire mechanism and had a schematic drawing of the wiring drawn up for Mark.  She took a few photos and presented all the information to Mark.  A few minutes later, she was back in the camper with a multimeter, measuring voltages.

After Michelle and Mark had been working for awhile,  they were unable to figure why no electricity was reaching the fan.  They pondered the possibilities of perhaps a mouse chewing the wiring and various other scenarios.  Well, it was then that my little pea brain thought to ask if Michelle had actually thought to flick the switch in the bathroom to the on position.  Michelle and Mark looked at one another and Michelle quickly rushed inside the camper.  Oops! It took my comment to make them realize no electricity was going to flow without turning it on!  Yay, one for the mama!

Michelle worked for a couple of hours on the fan and when she was done, the fan was humming away like a contented bee!  She had removed two wire nuts from the fan wiring and we are thinking that perhaps they were loose because after she tested the wires, she placed the wire nuts on and the fan began to work!  I was so happy because that fan is great if we leave the Scotties alone for an hour or two.  It pulls in so much air and cools the camper so nicely!

Michelle also placed new heat “runs” in the camper, as well as making an impenetrable wall so no mice can crawl in.  We think mice managed to crawl in through the little electrical compartment in the camper, so Mark and Michelle built a  box to make it impossible for the critters to enter.  Michelle also replaced the miserable ductwork that was in the camper. 

For one reason or another,  when the camper was made,  one heat run was made from what looks like duck tape! It has a coil of spring so it stretches,  but looks like a gray fabric just like duck tape.   Well, upon further research, we found out the “fabric” is actually fiberglass.  The three other heat runs were made from what look like aluminum foil wrapped around a spring.  The foil had gaping holes all over it.  We found a local heating supply house that carried 25 foot sections of the fiberglass runs.  Thankfully, the entire vent system is now made from the fiberglass runs. 

After spending the better part of the afternoon working on the camper,  Mark and I decided to run on over to Honeoye for some Subway subs for dinner.  We left and as we approached the store,( about 12 miles northwest of us), the sky looked so threatening as the thunder rumbled above us.  We got the subs and then went down to the park to sit and have a bite to eat.

As we were heading home, we saw spots here and there where the skies had opened, making puddles and the pavement very wet.  As we drove down one of the main roads that ties our town to Honeoye,  several domestic geese appeared, just wandering about together looking like a gaggle of tourists!

I guess all that parental training while geese are yet goslings pays off….even when geese are full grown!  It was cute watching how they seemed to move almost fluidly along!

Mark also found a cool sign we had not seen before.  I see it was placed in 2007….we haven’t traveled this road in much longer than that,  I would venture to say.  Funny how a road so close is one we never travel.

Mark commented this road is very isolated and he is right.  Many of the homes built along this road are not visible from the road.  It seemed so curious that this particular sight must have been booming in the 1800’s and is now mostly deserted!

Well, we are happy to say that the little camper is now all in working order.  I will need to wash down the rubber roof and the outer walls sometime soon.  The inside of the camper was thoroughly washed with a bleach solution, as the thought of mice invading our “home” disgusted me!

Now, on to the next “thing”!

What a Splendid Sunday!

This morning,  Carly called bright and early to ask if we were going to come to Canandaigua to watch Kyle run a 5k race.  We got ready to go and just before we left,  Michelle put Murphy and Angus into the truck, only to discover that Murphy had a cracked toenail that twisted sideways and was bleeding.  We put some ice inside a ziplock bag and applied it to the area to stop the bleeding.

We arrived really late at the race,  after Kyle had already finished the run.  I felt so nervous about Murphy, so we called an emergency veterinary hospital just to make sure he would be okay.  After the bleeding stopped, Carly gave me a piece of bandage tape from her first aid kit and I wrapped it, securing the nail a bit so it hopefully wouldn’t bleed anymore.

Carly told us she and her family were going on a picnic this afternoon with her in-laws.  I told her that sounded like fun, so she asked us to come on along.  We were truly thrilled because we wanted to do something that the kids would enjoy but were unsure of what that “something” should be. 

We rushed over to Wal Mart and picked up some goodies to take along with us and then we hurried on home to get ready.  Erin had asked if she could come along with us, so she and Michelle made up a pretty brownie “cake” with delicious frosting and sprinkles on top!  I made a big salad and grabbed several items to take along.

Carly had suggested we go to a part of Durand Eastman Park ( I think that’s right, eh Carly?) where there weren’t picnic tables or grills.  We brought along our camping table (which was absolutely LOADED with food!!!) and Carly and Jeff brought their grill. 

Cy and Madeline brought the most wonderful food,  and Carly made delicious Spring Rolls that were fantastic!  There was so much food, we could have fed an army.  The spot that was chosen was almost entirely ours, with only a few cars and people showing up.  Here are some photos of the area.

Yes, we had this huge green area all to ourselves!  It was so shady and nice…there were no bugs or loud people around.

We ate (far too much!) and as we sat and chatted, Cy took the kids on a hike down a trail that ran nearby.

I had to take a few more photos, as there was a sign nearby stating there was an arboretum located nearby as well. We were actually enjoying the company of some rather old pine trees where we had set up, but down the road just a bit was a field planted with several varieties of fruit trees.

I was enjoying my little romp when I noticed how I was literally fitting right in with these trees!

The kids appeared to be having some fun just hanging around and playing together.

Somehow,  I missed getting some candid shots of Sarah and Michelle.  I think they were moving too fast!  Erin, as always, kept us smiling!

After the kids waited patiently for the adults to stop visiting,  they were elated to get the opportunity to go swimming! They helped clean up the area and Cy and Madeline went home.   We then headed on down to the beach.  Lake Ontario is a very large lake with no land to be seen on its horizons.  Just a little way from the swimming areas, all manner of boats could be seen.  People were thoroughly enjoying the parks this holiday weekend! The summer season more or less is “official” on Memorial Day weekend, and the weather could not have cooperated and more!

As we were leaving the park,  we looked for the swans and their cygnets Carly and Madeline had spotted earlier.  Thanks to Michelle’s good eye, she told me they were swimming in the corner of the pond across the road from the lake.

Mark decided to brave traffic near Seabreeze Park since we were so close to it.  I was happy as there were several swans there as well, being fed by people. This swan was swimming in a most “unique” manner. (Note the foot!)

As I walked back to the truck, I smiled at this fellow’s rather one-of-a-kind tattoo. Apparently he is proud of his Puerto Rican heritage….

All in all, we had a fantastic day, enjoying the warmth and sunshine as well as good company and delicious food!

Ah, Fresh Air and Sunshine

Today was one of those days where it felt like we were busy the entire day.

While Mark attended to some paperwork this morning, the kids and I went to the park to walk.  When we arrived there, to our utter surprise,  a neighboring school had brought students in six buses for a day at the park.  Wow!  It seemed like there were hundreds of kids, but I am sure that is an exaggeration. 

After our walk,  we hopped into the truck to head out to the store.  The kids and I committed some time today to weed my mother-in-law’s gardens.  She has a problem with one of her knees, so we agreed to help out by weeding.  On the way to her home,  Mark stopped at Best Buy to grab a new television for her.  Wow, have TVs changed!  I couldn’t get over how skinny most units are now.

Mark dropped us off and then he and Ben ran to the cable company to get new cables for my mother-in-law’s set. Michelle and I began weeding at about two and worked with only a small break until five-thirty. Boy were we tired and dirty! I had found some Off insect repellant and decided to try it out.  My mother-in-law’s house is surrounded by lots of skeeters and I just didn’t want to risk getting eaten alive.

We left my nother-in-law’s house a little after six and as we passed an exquisite garden,  I asked Mark to stop. The flowers were just beyond imagining and the sad part is that this gas station has been closed for a long time now.

Yes, the flowers say the glass is half full! They don’t care whether the station remained open or closed…they smile and bloom no matter what te econimic situation might indicate!

After leaving Rochester, we headed on over to my father-in-law’s grave to decorate it with flowers.  We got to the cemetery late in the evening, but it was so beautiful and peaceful there.  Just as I snapped this shot of the fading sun shining through the branches of the enormous tree,  I heard a child’s laughter ringing out not too far away. 

The sound of laughter in a cemetery seemed strange at first, but then I remembered how this cemetery encourages families to visit and they even have a nature trail and events planned throughout the summer months.  I guess their glass is half full as well!

We didn’t get home until nearly nine o’clock and boy am I sleepy! All that fresh air and sunshine just felt so nice today. 

I need to get my Panasonic camera card, as there is one more photo I nearly forgot about. (Yeah, I was using both the Panny and Nikon cameras today….but wait, I also posted two photos on Facebook that I had snapped with my camera’s phone this morning as well!)

As we were getting ready to leave my mother-in-law’s home,  Mark commented there was a turkey near the neighbors’ woodpile.  I grabbed the Panasonic camera only because it is easier to quickly remove it from the camera bag.  With the shady yard and a moving target, it was challenging to get a photo of my moving target!

Last Night

I was so tired last night, I just was too whipped to grab a card reader for my SD card.  Seems the card reader on my laptop  just quit working on me, so I now need an external reader. I did have a couple of photos to show…you do know that I **always** have a camera on me, after all!

Here is one I took of the adorable goose family:

I mentiond it was cooler (somewhat) yesterday than the day before.  I had to pull over to take a photo last evening as the sun was quickly fading.  A front was passing through which made for not only beautiful skies, but also cooler temperatures!

A Much Better Day

Well, you didn’t think I would keep on complaining now, did you?

This morning’s dental appointment wasn’t all terrific news.  I had another x-ray done of the tooth that had a pocket and has been giving me trouble.  This was the third x-ray of that tooth in four visits.  The dentist studied all the x-rays, plus the one taken when my tooth initially broke off.  He said there “might” be a problem with the tooth’s root.  Bottom line is, I go again next month unless the tooth begins to hurt or gets worse. The dentist explained the worst case scenerio…the tooth would be extracted and an implant placed in the space immediately. Not great news, but not so bad, either.

As I was coming home from the dentist office this morning,  I stopped by Woodville.  There was a goose family with six little goslings.  I sat in the Explorer just watching and listening to them…the tiny little “peep” noises they made as they moved about were so precious! I stayed for probably fifteen or twenty minutes, just caught up in watching the tiny youngsters interact with their parents and siblings.  The parents were alert and making sure I made no false moves toward the babies, taking turns nibbling the greenery and standing guard. The little ones were totally oblivious to any and all danger,  gleefully snapping up grass as quickly as their tiny bills could yank it out. I’m not sure if the heat of te day was cause for them to venture a couple of feet away from their parents or not,  but the wee ones would slip into the water and swim about before making their way back out to join the others.

Realizing that I needed to get home,  I began to turn the Explorer around in the parking lot when I noticed “something” special.  The Eagle is once again perching in “its” tree!  I got so excited. I couldn’t wait to rush home to tell everyone!

This afternoon,  we met up with Carly and her kids at the mall.  It was so nice….Mark, Carly, and I were able to walk around a bit while the girls went off with Michelle and Ben and Kyle hung out together.  We enjoyed this little (too short) outing and the kids were so happy just being together.  Afterwards,  we went to a couple of stores to look around and I got another Fuchsia for the front porch.

The temperature was much kinder today than yesterday and for that, I was so happy!

Whining….yet again

For pity’s sake.  It is almost 9:20 pm and the temperature is still at 79 degrees.  (26 degrees, Celsius)  Okay. I will not whine about that, but I will give you two good reasons to feel sorry for me:

1. My tooth that supposedly had a “pocket” is still a tad sore.  I was given oral antibiotics for a week. When they failed to help, I was given a slow-release antibiotic at the site.  When that failed,  I was administered yet another dose.  My gums are still a little inflamed in the same area.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dentist.  I am so not looking forward to that….

2.  While we were out getting some groceries today, the air conditioner in the truck just stopped working.  Yes, on the hottest day of the year thus far,  we lost our cooling!  While I have no qualms about opening the windows and letting the fresh air come in,  some people don’t care for this.  Argh.  I grew up with no air as a kid and I could probably live without it.  Of course, ruffled hair never has bothered me immensely!

I think I will put my steamy and weary body to bed soon.  At least while sleeping, the mosquito bites don’t itch and the heat doesn’t bother me.  Too much!

Oh Glory, it’s Hot!

We are being “graced” with some scorching temperatures this week.  Not being a fan of hot weather,  this isn’t the most pleasant thing for me.  Add to that the fact that we have had considerable amounts of rainfall and my, but the mosquito population appears to be thriving.  This is so not-so-good for me. This afternoon, I suddenly (yeah, seems how these bites seem to do)  began itching like crazy.  I have not only several new bites on my arms, but also some more on my legs.  Grumble, grumble….Does anyone mind if I just call off summer this year?

The happy news is that yesterday,  I kept applying ice on the swollen bite that seemed to be infected.  After removing the ice,  the bite wept yellow pus for a while.  This morning,  it changed to blood and the red spot has diminished considerably.

Since I am (always) an early morning riser,  I told Mark we should leave early for my walk.  We were at the track shortly after seven, and I was able to walk three miles once again.  I feel so bad for Mark, but he has been working out on a stationary bike and he feels really good he can use it.

On our way home from the park,  we saw a rather humorous sight;  along route 64, just south of Bristol Mountain,  there is a field where the hang-gliders land.  There is a small yellow windsock there to give the silly geese an idea of where to land.  Wait a minute….did I say “geese”?

With not a speck of water in this particular field, it seems funny these birds would land there.  It’s gotta be that yellow windsock, I tell ya!

This afternoon,  I was finally able to capture one of our ultra-timid hummingbirds.  The little females are back for the season, but I haven’t seem any males yet.

Later this afternoon, I drove on down to Woodville.  It is always such a fun trip this time of the year when everything new is showing up.

This goose family was initially near the launch for kayaks and canoes.  As soon as they spotted me, though,  Mr and Mrs Goose instructed the wee ones to hop into the safety of the water.  Watching those little black beadlike eyes bobbing up and down on the waves was so adorable!

Of course, there was lots of new greenery showing up as well.

I have to admit…the bright blue skies and sunshine are nice,  but the heat?  How nice if we could just turn the thermostat down just a bit!

The End of a Busy Weekend

Well, after my previous post regarding my colorful flowers,  I guess the color theme for yesterday would have been the awesome blue skies!  The weather forecast for the entire weekend called for the possibility (quite high, actually) of rain falling.  However, the amount of rain that fell was tiny!

The kids had friends over on Saturday.  They arrived at about two in the afternoon and left around eleven.  This made for a bit of a long day, but it was good seeing everyone together.  One of the guys is attending college down in Pennsylvania, so it is nice to see him back home.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, we were invited to attend the graduation party for a friend.  The kids would be hanging out with the same friends they saw Saturday, olus a few more.  It was great seeing all the kids, but a little awkward, as there were few adults I knew!  Egads! 

Mark was wiped out from the get together the kids had on Saturday, so I took the kids to the graduation party.  I hung around for awhile, but was feeling uncomfortable because one of the mosquito bites I had seems to be going through some kind of “reaction”.  It is red, swollen, and it hurts more than it itches. I went back home and got Mark and we decided to just go for a little ride to Canandaigua.  The place where the graduation party was held was only about ten minutes from Canandaigua, so we would pick the kids up as soon as they called.

As we were driving in Canandaigua, Mark pulled over off the road so I could shoot a photo of the moon and clouds above….

Yes, the sky was that marvelous intense blue and the clouds were just awesome against it!

The kids called us shortly after eight and we hopped on over to pick them up.  The party was held at a Christian camp on Canandaigua Lake.  I was so disappointed about not taking many photos yesterday, but what a grand opportunity I got as we waited on the kids, saying their good-byes. These kids were just sitting, talking on the dock as the setting sun ricocheted its light off the clouds, leaving little streams of light poking through the clouds, here and there!

My head hit the pillow last night and I was out like a light!  It felt so good to go to sleep, knowing there was no appointment or activity planned for today.

I got up as usual, taking care of the Scotties,  then realized it is getting very warm very quickly. A look at the forecast says it all…the temperatures will be soaring upward today.  I scurried in and asked Mark if we could go out on our walk and roll early so I wouldn’t melt!  He told me he has been experiencing some numbness in one of his hands. He is pretty sure it is due to rolling the wheelchair two miles every day.  So, he sat in the truck while I soloed today.

The heavy blanket of dew on the grass when I walked around the track the first time left a scent that was awesome!  I love the scent of freshly watered soil…I worked in a greenhouse many years ago and learned to love the scent.  The sun had already arisen in the eastern sky to the point that three-quarters of the track was receiving full sunlight.  The other quarter is my favorite part of the entire track, where I was sheltered from the sun and heat by evergreens.

Just behind those evergreens to the east is a house.  This is where I took the photo the other day of the flowers against the unpainted building.  I decided to grab a photo of just the field of flowers…they are so very beautiful! (And yes, I do take time to stop and admire, even though I am walking!)

A little Killdeer joined me for a bit!

I am battling with a bad reaction to a mosquito bite on my leg.  It is near my ankle and it is red, hard, and swollen. It itches, but the swelling seems more annoying than the itching at this point.

If this doesn’t clear up soon, I think I may see the doctor.  With only a few mosquito bites thus far this year,  I have about had it!  I always try to avoid the things, but I cannot be suffering with mosquitoes and bites all summer! Thankfully,  I was able to walk three miles today, even though it was a bit painful!

Color and More Color!

I know that every year I photograph the pretty flowers as they come into bloom here in the Bristolwood, but this year?  I am not sure why, but the colors of plants and flowers seem even more outstanding than I ever remember them.  I was discussing this last weekend with a Mennonite lady selling flowers at The Windmill and she said she noticed the same thing this spring.

I won’t dillydally, but will get on with the photos I took yesterday.  I did a little “study” on the Columbines, which I just love and think they are such a great flower!

Happily, the Nikon was able to get the differing purples in the flower above and the one below. The Columbine below is so pretty….I love the deep purple and petals that seem almost like crepe paper.

While I am showing off my flowers, here is my new Fuchsia hanging on the front porch….(talk about an abundance of flowers!)

And my pretty, almost “shocking” yellow Reiger Begonia on the table on the front porch.

Remember to take some time today to not only stop and smell the roses, but to absorb some of the great beauty that surrounds eaxh and every one of us!