Chillin’ with the Birds…

or kinda.

I am getting way ahead of myself.  Let me explain.  Yesterday was the last day to take the antibiotics that the dentist prescribed the day we arrived home from our camping excursion. (Tuesday)  The dentist told me that if the gums and pain weren’t better, or stayed the same, to call for an appointment. Well, since there was no pain unless I poked directly on the gums just above the tooth, that was a non-issue.  However, the red and slightly puffy gums are still with me.  So I called yesterday morning as soon as the office opened. 

I was able to see the dentist at nine-thirty.  After sitting in the chair just a brief time and having an x-ray taken,  it was discovered I have a pocket.  The dentist and hygenist both looked a bit puzzled, as my teeth are maintained on a regular basis and I brush them to the point that a teeth-cleaning is generally uneventful.  Ah well, the bottom line is that since I already have a teeth-cleaning appointment next Monday,  the hygenist will deep clean the pocket.  That happens to be the tooth I had the root canal and cap placed on just a few months ago. 

As soon as I got home, around ten-thirty,  I found I had an order for the business to pack.  I also had an Amish girl call the day before yesterday and we wanted to see if her check came so we could ship her order right out as well.  So I waited until eleven to check the mail.  The check was indeed there, so I had to pack two semi-large orders and be ready to leave by twelve.   We had to take Mark’s mom to a doctor’s appointment in the early afternoon.

I rushed to pack orders, but was failing miserably.  Thankfully, Michelle came to my rescue and the two of us finished up at nearly twelve-thirty.  Yes, we were late! My mother-in-law lives about 45 miles away, so we rushed to get to her house.  While she often is nervous if we aren’t early,  she seemed fine that we were a bit late.  Her appointment turned out to be extremely short,  so we took her back home.  Mark and Ben examined her car as the last time we were there, they had filled her brake fluid which was low.  As she pumped the brakes, Ben saw brake fluid spurting from the lines, so we followed her to a garage that does work for her so she could leave it for repairs.

After taking my mother-in-law back to her house, Ben and Mark looked at her ceiling in one of the rooms where the plumber had torn a hole in the ceiling to repair pipes in her bathroom above.  They assessed what was required for repairs. My mother-in-law had heard Mark mention in passing that I wanted a bird bath, so she offered one my father-in-law had bought several years ago.  And she also had me dig up some grape hyacinths to take home.

While placing the things from my mother-in-law in the back of the truck, I saw some great opportunities to photograph her gorgeous azaelea bush, which was gloriously in full bloom!

Michelle thought the fuzzy little bee looked so sweet and cute, she wantedto pet it! Yikes!!!! NO MICHELLE!

She did resist petting the insect, thinking it might just hurt if perchance it did sting her!

We left my mother-in-law’s house around four-thirty and took the Scotties to a park not too far from her home.  As we approached the park,  we could see many, many geese in te area.  Mark dropped me off with my camera and my famous little bucket of cracked corn.  I had some fun just chillin’….after I established my dominence!


Yes, this isn’t exactly the way one wants a goose to approach. Head down and hissing can mean an attack!

Of course, like men, geese are often appeased by a mere offering of food! As soon as one goose discovered I came with food,  the troops began moving in.  They marched right up and gobbled the cracked corn I offered and there was little fighting.  Then, one very large goose made an appearance and….

I made it clear to the aggressor that I would lob the lid of my bucket at it if it didn’t stop!  (not really!)  There  was little aggressive behavior except for the one seemingly huge goose!  There were a few times when I was totally surrounded by these “wild animals” and I thought of the damage they *could* do to a human, but I felt safe, as they were just so happy to get the corn!

I love the next photo….this goose was quite shy!

I had seen a pair of mute swans when we entered the park,  but they were off in the distance.  I waited and waited until they finally decided to come closer.

You can see in the above photo the water was a bit choppy.  The swans were amazing…as they poised their wings, the wind sent them sailing across the water like a kite in flight!  They moved so rapidly, it was troublesome to focus!

One day when I was looking up information on swans,  I read that mute swans are terribly aggressive.  The trumpeters with a black bill, as opposed to the orange-billed mutes,  are not aggressive at all.   So….was I surprised when one of these swans took off after a goose?

The result was nearly hysterical! The goose scrambled, honking for all it was worth. The swan, on the other hand, flapped its huge winds and actually ran across the water, its big feet making slapping, splashing noises as it went!  It craned its long neck, making it appear supersized!  This occurred a few times and it still remained comical each time!

As good fortune would have it,  I looked around a bit and found one of the swans sitting on the grass just out of the water.  I happen to know that like the geese, the swan might be grateful for a meal of cracked corn.  I walked up to it, and that bird that stood so tall bent its head down and began hissing at me!  Feeling just a tad intimidated,  I threw a handful of corn toward it and, MY! What a difference.  Suddenly, the swan and I were good friends!

I was able to stand within a few feet of the swan while it ate.  What a treat this was.

We got home at about seven-thirty and I was already tired from a full day.  I sat and looked through my 350+ photos I took and decided I was overwhelmed by them!  I needed to get to bed early, as all the fresh air was just overwhelming! After several days of cold and miserable weather,  yesterday’s chilly temps and blue skies were so refreshing!

And speaking of weather….yesterday’s temperatures were what the weatheman called “Marchlike”.  This weekend, we will be having “Julylike” weather.  And here I thought those birds I was feeding were fickle!

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  1. Honestly, there is nobody that I know that takes more pictures than I do…except you!! What a nice series this is! Love the flowers and the beautiful swans!! Reminds me of the place we camped in Myrtle Beach!

  2. Great pictures. Love the running swan pic! As you know, I rarely leave home without my camera, but yesterday Jeff and I ran out and I left it home. As we were driving through the mall parking lot, I was kicking myself. There was a goose with three little ones trailing behind! I guess I’ll just have to go back with my camera and find them again!

  3. You had quite the full day! I wouldn’t know where to start with that many photos! I have a hard time when I have 60 or 70! Never knew geese hiss. I’ve only been close to geese a few times and once a pair was more interested in checking us out… they almost followed us into the car!

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