Amazing April Weather

 If you saw this photo on my Facebook page this morning, I apologize, but I really like the way this turned out. (and, with the u-g-l-y!!! weather we experienced today, well, it was a *bright* spot in a very dismal day!)

Yeah, that is real snow on the tulip!  We drove Michelle to school today and as we left,  there were snowflakes kind of sporadically coming down.  As we neared Canandaigua,  I figured the flakes would stop, as we are at a higher elevation in our neck of the woods.  Nope. The flakes kept coming!  As we left Canandigua,  we were greeted by a veritable snow squall as we drove home!  By the time we got home, everything was coated in white! Very picturesque, but wait! It is almost MAY!

Snow continued on and off throughout the day, melting off only to replanish itself a little later.  By afternoon, the temperature rose enough so that any snow coming down would surely melt.  One of the funny things is that I looked through my blog archives and noted on this date last year, I found myself totally uncomfortable with the warm weather we were having! 

Ah, life in New York State…hehehe….I often call it the “State of Confusion”.  Hmmm….perhaps it is, in more ways than one!

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