A Rather Uneventful Day

Today’s weather was pathetic.  When the skies weren’t pouring out rain by the bucketsful, the blackened sky looked for all the world like a lifesize sketch done in charcoal!  I did see tiny streaks of sunlight, but they were so fleeting,  I might have been seeing things, after all!

This afternoon, the kids were working on their studies, so Mark and I slipped out to make a quick run to the store to buy a few things we needed.  Did I ever mention keeping salad supplies in the house is not possible? 

Speaking of salads, while we were running around, Mark got hungry, so he decided to stop by Burger King for a side salad.  Besides being cheap, the little salads are pretty good.  And so Mark pulled up to the drive thru. As I looked out the window,  I saw a Cardinal sitting on a branch not too far away.

I held my tongue, waiting until Mark had given his order.  As soon as he finished,  I asked him to back the Explorer up.  He looked at me so weird, but then he also spotted the Cardinal.  I lowered my window and was shocked when the little red bird just sat there without flitting off.  I listened and heard him replying to another Cardinal off in the distance.

With trusty Panasonic camera in hand,  I took a couple of photos.  As I snapped them, I whistled to the bird.  Mark asked, What are you doing?  I informed him I was “speaking Cardinal” and I gotta tell you, that little bird turned his head and if birds can look a tad bit confused,  this little fellow did!

In the second photo, the bird was turning his head as though asking what type of bird *I* am! I didn’t edit these photos, just to give you an idea of just how ugly it was outside today! (and this was about 3:30 this afternoon!)

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  1. I used to call to the cardinals early in the morning at one of my jobs. They would answer back…it was pretty awesome! Great shots! They never seem to sit still long enough for good pics!

  2. Actually, the pictures look a lot better than what the day really was like. I spent the day making home made whole wheat bread…which I ended up over baking! 🙁

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