Life Amongst the May Apples

Did the title of this entry totally pique your curiosity?  Let me explain.

Today was one of those days that we seemed to scramble about, but got little done.  Well, Mark and I, anyway.  Ben kept asking us if we would hurry so he could get out in the woods to cut some trees that had fallen over the winter.  We did get out,  but it was well after lunch.  Ben was just happy to cut.  Before he left the house, I told him he ought to try out Mark’s old lumbering boots.  Mark had ordered them from a fancy lumberjack catalogue many years ago.  They were well used by Mark  and when he suffered the spinal cord injury,  the boots were placed in a corner of the basement where they have sat for almost eleven years.

Although the lumberjack boots fit Ben, he found them to be uncomfortable, as the heel kept catching on twigs and such, causing him to nearly stumble. 

Mark watched Ben cut this pretty large tree.  It actually had “twin” stumps, so it was as though Ben was cutting two trees at once.  I think this tree will yield over a face cord of firewood.  It came down this past winter, along with two other large trees in the same area.  They had been standing dead on the stump for a number of years and they will make for some very well seasoned firewood.

I sat and watched Ben cut for a while, but then spotted a small area of May Apples.  There is something about the little leathery umbrella-like green leaves of this plant that fascinate me.  (to say nothing of the fact that next month they will sport a sweet little white flower on each plant) Well, I wandered on over with my trusty Panasonic camera to do a photo shoot!

Yes, the greenery of these plants is attractive,  but, well….even against the trunk of a tree,  and the spent leaves, they do get a little boring.  Hmmmmmmmm……….

Lying down on the ground,  I tried to look upward under the wee umbrellas.  Well, it didn’t take long to figure out there was no way I could crawl under them.  So, I did the next best thing. I set the camera down on the ground and got it to focus on the leaves, and snapped it!                               

Of course, one of the main attractions that caught my eye was the sun playing on the leaves of the plants. And the next photo did a great job of capturing the sun filtering through the leaves.

The next photo is one of my favorites of the day with the (huge) trees above putting the May Apples in perspective.

Ben cut for about an hour, then he had to quit so he could get ready to go down to Naples for a concert tonight.

We dropped the kids off and then took a leasurely drive to Geneva.  We got a bite to eat, then went to the Tractor Supply store there and looked around.  We picked the kids up down in Naples at about ten o’clock.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Great shots from the forest floor. Gives you a completely different perspective and adds lots of interest to the pics. Our day was fairly busy with nothing really accomplished either.

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