Woodland Springtime

Yesterday afternoon, Ben spent some time cutting firewood.  We had several very large oak trees fall during this past winter.  These trees have no bark on them and they are terrific for firewood, as they had been dead standing on the stump.  Once split and stacked, this wood will be great for next winter’s supply!

This wood is all red oak,  which heats quite nicely.  Mark was nearby, of course, watching over Ben , giving advice, and reminding Ben of safety!  I only stopped by for a few minutes,  but was impressed at the ease with which Ben runs the saw.

As Ben was working on the tree,  a crew was working still on running cables for the fiber-optic service.  These people, along with several other trucks,  have been working like gangbusters, not only running new cable, but installing new utility poles. You can just see the orange of their clothing and helmets as they worked near the road.

While I was sitting upon the ground,  I thought I would show off my new sneakers.  I love these shoes as they are NOT white!

Riding the ATVs in the woods in the spring is a great thing as the paths are pretty much clear and so pretty!

I even found a pretty little plant with a purple flower that hadn’t opened up yet.

What a treat it was to leave my housework for a brief visit to the woods.  As I roamed about some,  I came to the conclusion that I could spend a great deal of time outside…just like when I was a child!

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  1. First off….love your sneakers AND those quite nice SCOTTIE socks!! I love riding on my scooter…since we sold the ATV…but you get the same kind of feeling. Kind of free and child like!

  2. I just spent the morning outside watching Kyle and Erin run in two races. Now that I am done editing my pictures from there, I want to go out and enjoy the weather today. Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain. What to do, what to do…

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