Allegany Early Morning

As I stated in the previous post,  we were up and off early Monday morning.  I wanted to get to the hospital early enough to be with my mom so she wouldn’t have to sit and wait through my dad’s surgery alone. 

We left not too long after sunrise.  It was a very brisk morning with the temperature sinking below the freezing mark.  The sun was making its way into the clear blue sky, deceiving anyone who thought the bright blue sky meant warmth! Of course, as we drove along the Red House Lake,  there were just too many beautiful opportunities to pass on, photographically speaking!

The icing on the cake, however, was yet to come.  For as we left the park,  Ben called out to see the big bird sitting on top of the telephone pole in its nest.

I was thrilled to get probably about 150-200 feet away from this Osprey. I’m not certain whether chicks were in the nest, or just eggs, but I don’t think I would want to get too much closer than I did.  As it was, the bird began calling out when it spotted me….a series of “whistles”….then it flew….

landing in an old dead tree across the road.

Even though I stopped to take some photos, I arrived in plenty of time before Dad’s surgery.  Monday was spent mostly in Erie. 

On Tuesday morning, as we were leaving the park, I felt so saddened and almost “empty”….I think I would gladly live in that little camper if it meant I could spend all my time in such a marvelous place.  The tranquil atmosphere was so delightful, after all!  As an aside, there were few campers at the park, making one feel as though they owned the place!

Phew, It’s Been a While, Eh?

Well, here I am, in case you might have wondered where I had gone!  Let me tell you, things have been consistantly running away from me! i know, I know, we can all use that excuse.  But, when you live in the “middle of nowhere”, tis hard to connect because “somewhere” is always at least half an hour away!

My father had a partial shoulder replacement surgery on Monday.  My older brother was going to ride along with my mother to Erie, where Dad had the surgery.  Well, said brother had a terrible cold and so he thought he had better not go to the hospital.  Well, we had planned to be there on Monday, so we decided to go camping.  hehehe

Before we could go camping, we needed to de-winterize the camper. There was also the slight problem (which I confirmed on Friday) that the Scotties were in need of a Rabies shot.  Sooo, to make a long story longer  short, we made an appointment on Saturday at the vet’s.  Saturday was a rainy day and we spent quite some time de-winterizing whilst showering!  Also,  we had to do a little “touch-up” work, as we discovered a small hole in the hose leading to the water inlet in the camper. Oops. More raindrops falling on our heads!

We left for Allegany State Park on Sunday morning.  After arriving and setting up, we relaxed for the night and then went to bed early so we could get an early start to Erie. 

We were up and on our way early Monday morning.  Mark and the kids dropped me off at the hospital, where I was a bit nervous, as my mom was nowhere in sight.  I was finally able to ask a young woman who informed waiting family members on the progress of their loved one in surgery. She took me to a small room where my father was lying on a gurney and my mother sat in a chair, talking with him.  The anaesthesiologist came in and spoke to Dad, then shortly before eleven,  the surgeon came by to tell Dad he would soon be going in for the surgery.

I am happy to say that all went well for my dad and the doctor came and spoke to my mother and me post-op.  He explained that the ball part of the ball and socket was a mess! He told us that when Dad is all recovered, he will feel like a new man!

On Monday,  I rode home to the home of my parents with my mom so she wouldn’t have to drive alone. (The hospital is located about an hour from their home!)  We ate dinner, then watched the Sabres/ Bruins playoff game.  We then drove nearly an hour back to the camper.  Ah, the camper. I forgot to mention the fact that we had frosts each night and the furnace seemed to want to run endlessly, so we had to manually turn it on and off.  Oh my, was it COLD awakening in the night and having to get up to turn the thermostat up!

In the midst of all this, I didn’t want to say anything until after Dad’s surgery,  but it seemed the gums above the tooth I had a root canal and crown on were inflamed as though I had an infection.  Of course, when my mom heard this, she insisted I see the dentist right away.

Since my brother, Randy, had taken off Tuesday and Wednesday, we decided to leave early on Tuesday morning to see if the dentist could take a look at the tooth.  The most unfortunate thing in all this is that we had no phone reception while camping. 

Tuesday morning, shortly after rising, we were on our way home. I called the dentist and was able to be seen yesterday.  After an x ray and short examination, the dentist gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and I was on my way.  When the dentist tried to examine the gums,  I nearly jumped out of the chair when he tried to probe the area. Since I was there on a short visit, he said if the gums don’t improve, I will need to make another appointment.  Aren’t teeth fun?

The kids had reserved the racquetball court at the YMCA today, so we were off once again. Afterwards, we needed to run to Victor for some supplies. 

Well, ne’er a dull moment here in the Bristolwood!  So, now that I have explained my absence, or tried, anyway,  please be kind!

I have some photos I will try to post tonight.  I will try to visit blogs tomorrow…I think I have a great deal of catching up to do!