Go Sabres!

I know I promised to end our little journey from last Saturday here today, but it has been a very busy day and I am so tired. (again)

It really was a busy day, but I will show you a couple photos I took today.  Ben was making some noise in the garage as I approached the woodshed today.  I wondered what was going on when he explained a little Titmouse had flown into the garage and didn’t seem able to figure its way back out again.  He gently scooped up the little bird and took it outside to release it.  However, the little bird just sat on Ben’s hand.

I excitedly ran inside the house to grab my camera,  thinking the bird would probably have flown off by the time I got back outside.  When I arrived back outside, Ben was still holding the bird on his hand! He told the bird to fly, but it needed some time to recover!

The little bird seemed so comfortable on Ben’s hand. It even scratched at an itch!

Finally, after about ten minutes, the bird hopped down from Ben’s hand and flew away.  What an amazing experience!

After we picked Michelle up from school, she invited Jacob and Jeffrey over for dinner.  We stopped at the grocery store and soon after we got home, the boys came over. 

After dinner, Mark and I watched the Sabres play.  This is game one for them in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so when they beat Boston 2:1,  it was cause for celebrating.  There is a long road ahead still,  but it was an exciting game, nonetheless!