Unexpected Beauty

Last Saturday when Mark and I were spending time so gloriously….taking our time with no pressure,  Mark made a funny comment.  He asked me,  “So you look at everything you see as though you were looking through your camera?”


Thus in saying that,  I am constantly accompanied by a camera.  Many times, both the Nikon and the little Panasonic are within an arms reach.  If I am feeling terribly hurried,  I will grab the little camera as I head out the door.  For a longer drive or special event, the Nikon is sure to be sitting by my side.

So, one morning last week,  Mark asked me to linger around Canandaigua for a bit to pick up a few things for him.  One of my stops was Advance Auto to grab some parts he had ordered.  Since I had some time to kill afterwards as some stores had not yet opened,  I decided to wander out behind the store to see if anything might be attracted to the big pond there.

I never expected this….

The single swan was sitting on the side of the pond when I arrived, but quickly hopped into the water once it saw me.

And so, I can never say it enough….always, always have a camera ready…ALL the time!

It’s a Wonderful Life, Indeed!

Especially since the hot water is once again flowing!  Yes, after numerous calls to the tank manufacturer,  Mark and Ben worked this afternoon on removing the burner assembly on the old hot water heater.  Tech support at the company advised Mark on how to clean the tiny orifice that was plugged on the pilot feed tube.  I guess there are many bonuses being married to a mechanical engineer.  One thing about Mark is that he has the tenacity of a terrier to follow through when he needs information, and he isn’t the least bit intimidated asking for it!

Well, then, now that the hot water is back…and I was the first to luxuriate in a tub of warm water!!!….I will recommence with our little Saturday adventure!

After Angus had his opportunity to nearly run us into a ditch drive the truck,  we were off once again.  The next stop on our itinerary was Sauder’s Store.  Wow, I think we are addicted and Mark enjoys going there just as much as I!  I had to smile when I saw the little “oops” in the spelling on the sign out front….

I cannot complain, as I think it must be difficult placing the little letters in proper sequence, let alone getting spelling perfect!

After leaving the store,  we headed back to Seneca Falls. Mark needed to fiddle around a little with the GPS, so he pulled over at a spot I suggested. For anyone who has seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life,  an interesting bit of trivia is that the town in which it is set might be based upon Seneca Falls.  Seems Frank Capra (producer and director of this classic) passed through the town and was quite enamoured by it.  And so, it wouldn’t seem the least bit surprising that the bridge we parked near would be on “George Bailey Lane”!

Now, why I didn’t photograph the actual bridge itself is beyond me.  (Fort hat matter, I didn’t catch Zuzu Cafe, either..named for George Bailey’s daughter, Zuzu in the movie.)

Well, I did notice the insanely bright bushes in front of the truck!

Oh, and a couple of starlings perched upon the railing….

Seneca Falls has another notable bit about it.  Why, even drifters upon the water are alerted to its fame…

Yes, Seneca Falls is noted as the birthplace of women’s rights here in the USA!  The Seneca Falls Convention was held here in 1848 with some progressive women who advocated equal rights for women.  The ball began rolling right in this picturesque little town!

I noticed some statues along the water and I am totally unsure what they are all about, but I will certainly be finding out on my next outing to this lovely town!

Well, we ventured out to see all these sights and were ready to move on along by mid-morning. We still weren’t done!  I will finished up our little tour in the next entry!

As a little addendum here,  for those who feel so inclined,  please pray for my dear friend, Laurie, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am sure she will greatly covet any and all prayers uttered on her behalf. Thank you!