Mind if I Grumble a Wee Bit?

We spent the better part of yesterday being totally frustrated.

It all began the night before last when the hot water heater’s pilot light went out.   I tried several times to ignite the bugger, but each time, it was a total “no go”.  Finally, in frustration, I turned the gas off to the unit and called it a night!

Yesterday morning,  I went outside to read the guage on the 500 gallon tank buried in our backyard. 

As you can see, the tank reads at nearly 30% full.  Now, mind you, we were told this guage  is “sticky”….that is, it often reads higher than the actual level.  One of the guys that filled the tank told me this and advised me to “take a wrench and tap on the guage and it *will read accurately. Simple enough. I did so, and it read 30%.

Well, the bottom line is,  when the stove failed to ignite later in the day (after 5pm when the office was closed) we realized we are out of propane.

The above was written in total frustration this morning. The saga continues…………

If you have read here for awhile, you might remember we were discussing putting in a new tankless hot water heater last year. (my, how time does fly!)  Well, we still have the old heater and after the propane tank was filled today, water heater still isn’t working.  Mark spoke to the manufacturer and they said they think the orifice is clogged.  Joy of joys. We also had a visit from the service technician (why is everyone a “technician” these days, anyway?) this morning as well and we now have a new non-sticking (I sure hope!!!) guage on the propane tank.

So, the long and short of it is, we can now run the furnace if we desire,  we can cook on the stove, but we still only have c-o-l-d water!  Bahhhhhhh!!!!!