And….Seneca Lake State Park (again)

through the lens of the Nikon D-90. Since I kind of showed you, my Readers, around the park in the previous entry,  I will not yap, but rather, let the photos speak for themselves.  (I know if you have a question,  you will certainly ask!) I will say that the duck flying off the playground in the second photo nearly startled me out of my skin!  The park was so quiet and when it rose into the air, quacking loudly and profusely, it was quite the experience!

Still several miles from our next stop,  our journey will continue east in the next post.

Seneca Lake State Park

through the lens of my little Panasonic camera.  I like to use this camera as well as the Nikon D-SLR,  as I love the wide angle leans on it.  

Mark and I dropped the kids off at the church in Middlesex at 6:30 am.  As we sat in the truck, we had to decide what to do, what to do!  It isn’t that often that we find ourselves “kidless” and when we do,  we are almost “numb” trying to think of how to spend our time.  It is a treat not to have four different people in the truck at on time, all wanting to go in a different direction!

It didn’t really take me too long to think of what I wanted to do and as Mark thought about it, he came up with another idea or two of his own.   We had a beautiful day ahead of us with nice temperatures and lots of sunshine. How could we ever go wrong with that combination?  And so, we headed due east.

I suggested stopping by Sauder’s Store as every time we enter, we find something new that just amazes us. We were off toward Seneca Falls by way of state routes 5&20.

As we approached the head of Seneca Lake where the city of Geneva is located,  Mark suggested we stop by the Seneca Lake State Park.  After all,  the park doesn’t start charging entry fees until May 8. 

We drove into the park and Mark stopped the truck along the lake road.  I hopped out and had to take one “artistic” shot through a chainlink fence of this old milkweed….

A short distance away was a plaque.  As I started walking that way, Mark wondered where I was headed and I pointed. As always, the information provided was very interesting!

Here you can see some of the young willows planted lakeside, along with the plaque.

Here is a view of this very large Finger Lake, looking toward the south.

Looking toward the west,  one can see the city of Geneva and the beautiful walking path on the lake.

This is a view looking to the east along the road. Since the information provided said that routes 5&20 used to run just a short distance from the lake,  we wondered if this road was part of te original route.

As we drove eastward through the park, we were able to see a few waterfowl, such as this flock of Bufflehead Ducks bobbing up and down in the water.

As we progressed along the road, the trees grew larger and larger. Note the picnic table along the lake….this is such an awesome place to just spend a day walking and picnicking or just observing others!

We drove down near the marina, where there were many more boats on the land than in the water.  Since the official opening of the “summer season” commences the end of May on Memorial Day,  I suppose the boats will slowly make their way to the water…

I took the next photo to show just how closely this park runs to routes 5&20. (on the right side of the photo)

Neither Mark nor I was in any hurry to leave the park.  It was so relaxing driving around, taking in the scenes, enjoying the fresh air and not hearing the kids in the back seat asking “how much longer?’  We did have the two Scottie boys and while we were in the park, we allowed them to sit up in the front seat.  After awhile,  Angus crawled up on Mark and plopped his seat down on Mark’s left leg.  Since we were one of only four or five vehicles in the park,  Mark let Angus ride on his leg.  With window rolled down and a brisk breeze blowing,  Angus thoroughly enjoyed letting his beard air out!

He looked out the window, searching the  grounds  for squirrels……

then grew bored until Mark allowed him to take over the controls……..

Well, Angus’s driving lesson proved to be rather short as he discovered it is awkward trying to keep a vehicle on the road when your legs, err….”arms”  are only six or seven inches long!