Sign of the Times?

The past couple of months, we have noticed trucks from the phone company up in Rochester working on the lines.  We have also seen contractors from another company with huge spools of bright orange cable working along our road.  Well, Mark is so excited!

We currently have our phone, television, and internet through a cable company.  Well, all this bright orange “stuff” points to “Fios” or fiber-optic cable.  Mark is over the moon!  The fiber-optics are supposed to be much more efficient and faster as well!

Now, when will they “hook up” all that bright orange cable they buried?

Must be the Time of the Year

Last Tuesday, after we dropped Michelle off at school, Mark, Ben, and I went to Mark’s mom’s house.  She was having two problems that day….one with her car, and the other with a plugged kitchen sink drain.

Mark and Ben filled the brake fluid reservoir and were happy that was all that was wrong.  My mother-in-law said that her brake pedal had been going down too far and her brake warning light came on. Mark suspected the fluid level was too low. Easy fix!

The plugged kitchen sink drain proved to be the larger of the two tasks.  We have fixed plugged drains previously, but in the end, Ben and I were defeated by this drain.  We worked for well over an hour, running a snake through the drain and plunging until we were too tuckered to even lift the plunger again! We ran boiling water through the line and even plunged up some awful looking stuff, but all our labor was to no avail.  I have never seen a drain so plugged!

After the visit to my mother-in-law’s house, we stopped briefly at Irondequoit Bay.  I was anxious to see if there were any swans hanging out there, as I had seen them swimming about before.  There is a park and a few areas to stop along the bay, so I was hoping they might come close.

I hopped out of the truck and instead of seeing swans,  I was “greeted” by a renegade troop of Canada Geese. This fellow came toward me, head down, weaving his long neck back and forth and hissing like crazy.

Once I established the fact that I was not impressed nor frightened by his tactics, he became a bit more friendly. Of course, the fact that I was carrying a large bag of cracked corn *might* have swayed the fellow just a bit!

I did see swans, but they weren’t the least bit interested in human interaction at the time.  Instead, they floated in the water, looking so beautiful and inaccessible!

As you can see by the lighting, this was a rather “ugly” day!

I hung out with the geese for only a short time, as our time to visit was short.  The one thing that totally surprised me was how “miserable” and hostile this little band of geese were to each other. They hissed and chased one another like mad. I’m not sure, but I wondered if perhaps their hostile behavior is because it is the mating/nesting time of year….

The funny thing about the last photo was that the duck was just fine.  The geese left him alone, so I think the issue with the geese had to do more with dominance than sharing the cracked corn I was feeding them!

Needless to say,  I was more than willing to hop back into the truck and leave these terrible little ill-mannered buggers to themselves!