Since I Promised…

here I am!

The kids went on their “annual” rafting trip with the Middlesex youth group from church today.  Last night,  I purposed to go to bed early so I could get up at 4:30 to fix them a good breakfast.  I was in bed shortly after 10 and figured 6 1/2 hours would be a fairly good night’s sleep.

Oh, hahaha!  At 2:30,  I was awakened by Murphy, coughing.  Since Scotties have such long hair on their undercarriage and feet,  and they happen to love licking their paws,  they sometimes gag and choke on hair in their mouths.  I tried to calm the laddie down, to no avail.  I felt like I *really* needed my sleep, so I tried to ignore him!

At 3:30,  I finally lifted my weary body off the bed and got Murphy a nice cold drink of water.   Great,  I could get one more hour of sleep!

Not to be.  I closed my eyes,  resting my head on the pillow.  Eyes popped wide open.  I listened to the ticking of my cute little clock/nightlight until I could no longer take it.  I arose from the bed at 4:00 am.  By this time, Murphy was tucked neatly into a little ball, sound asleep. Scoundrel!

All this to say,  we arrived home tonight at about 10.:00!  Yes, Mark and I (and the Scottie boys) went on a big adventure all day today.  And since I am DOG tired….I will post one photo from my card which has nearly 1,000 photos on it.  Yes, tomorrow,  I shall upload the photos and get them off my cards.

So, I will leave you with a photo I took mid-March this year….

Yup, sap dropping into my bucket.  I wound up with about 1 pint of syrup when all was said and done.   I used some of the syrup this morning on my pancakes and it was every bit as good as any I have tasted! 

I plan to visit blogs tomorrow and post some more here.  I am banking on the kids sleeping the better part of the day as they are majorly fatigued!