I’m Still Here!

Really, I am!

Things have been so incredibly busy and sometimes I feel like I am paddling backwards.  There seems to be so much to do and no matter how hard I try, I seem to fall behind! I shan’t whine and moan, though!

Michelle is continuing to do an outstanding job with her college studies.  She has taken quite a shine to accounting.  She told us that her professor scolded the class after grading the mid-term exams.  She said it was obvious most people didn’t study.  After class, Michelle went to talk with the professor and the professor assured her she had “nothing to worry about”.  Michelle had to wait a while before getting her exam back, but the instructor was right…Michelle scored 100%!

I haven’t taken a great deal of photos recently.  There has just been too much happening to even think about getting out with the camera.  So disheartening.

I do have some photos that I will try to post tomorrow. Til then….