Spring is Springing in the Bristolwood

Living on a hill where it is cooler and windier than most places, we have grown accustomed to waiting for our spring flowers to bloom.  Seems everywhere else, things are greening up and getting color long before we are.  But this year is different!  With the mid-summer temperatures we have been enjoying,  the plants have been literally bursting out right before our eyes!

I can’t remember if it was late November or early December when I went out and frantically planted close to 100 various bulbs, but I was thrilled to see the first little crocus of that planting  bloom!

Tis a wee little humble flower, but I am certain the flower will be even bigger and sturdier next year!

I planted several hyaciths in the garden as well and they are coming along as well!

hehehe…I didn’t even notice the bug on the plant when I photographed it!

Of course, the daffodils that my father-in-law gave me keep coming up bigger and better every year.  A couple days ago, the “heads” on the plants were just green in color.  By yesterday,  I could see the yellow coloration showing.  Today, by mid-afternoon,  one pretty little flower was showing its face as the wind gently blew it, making it appear to hide from the camera behind the leaves!

I was so happy to think I would have a pretty flower blooming close to Easter.  But then tonight, when I took the Scotties outside,  I noticed something!

*All* of the daffodils were smiling up at me!

Terrible photo, but taken in total darkness with flash.  And yes, I guess perhaps I don’t have much of a life, photographing flowers late at night in the dark!