Good Friday

I remember years ago when I was young,  I couldn’t understand why Good Friday was called such if it was the day that Jesus was crucified.  To me, it seemed more like Bad Friday.  After all, Jesus was without sin and there was no reason for him to have been killed.  But now,  I understand.   Good Friday isn’t about what happened to Jesus, but more about what he did for all mankind.  Thank you, Jesus!

We had made plans to meet with my parents and Randy for dinner today, but my mother called and said things just didn’t work out for them.  We had already left and were about an hour from home when Mom called, so we decided to do a little exploring around Hornell, NY, since we were there.

Since the kids were hungry and I was getting there,  Ben and I went into a Wegman’s store located there.  Ben thought he and Michelle could share a sub,  so we picked one up.  Wegman’s has started new $6 meals and since it is Friday, I inquired if they might have any fish fry meals.  The fellow I asked said the fish meals begin at 4 pm, but he would make one up for me.  Wow!  In fifteen more minutes, I picked up my meal!

Ben thought it would be fun to go to a park to eat, so Mark checked out the GPS and came up with Kanakadea Park.  We drove the short distance there and it was so nice!  The park is run by the county and it has camping and boating on a small lake.  There weren’t a whole lot of people there, so it was a great little spot to relax for a bit.  Of course, I hopped out of the truck and headed toward the water to see if there was anything I might photograph.

The small lake (or pond) is manmade and has a high dam wall at one end.  The only folks visiting the waterfront were a family of Mennonites.  I did see some cool footprints in the form of gooseprints….

and doggieprints….

After eating, we hopped on over to WalMart and Ben and Mark went in a shopped for awhile. 

Today’s temperatures broke records in many places.  It got so hot,  I was sure I was going to melt.  It is far too early for such heat!  I must admit, though, it was pretty nice.  

Although I was disappointed we didn’t meet my parents,  we really made the most of the day and had a relaxing time!